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Warhorse Studios

Warhorse Studios

Articles associated with this tag:

2-Sep-2016 RPG Codex Report: Gamescom 2016 - Mount & Blade 2, Kingdom Come, SpellForce 3, South Park 2 and more
1-Sep-2015 RPG Codex Report: Gamescom 2015 - The Dwarves, Daniel Vavra, inXile, Sword Coast Legends and HoMM 7
18-Aug-2015 RPG Codex Report: Gamescom 2015 - The Technomancer, The White March and Kingdom Come
11-Feb-2013 RPG Codex Interview: Dan Vávra (Warhorse Studios)
19-Aug-2017 Kingdom Come: Deliverance gets a new story trailer, now available for preorder on Steam
9-Jun-2017 Kingdom Come: Deliverance to be delivered on February 13th, 2018
5-Mar-2016 Kingdom Come: Deliverance Beta Released
16-Dec-2015 Kingdom Come: Deliverance Tech Alpha 0.5 released, beta coming in Q1 2016
7-Jul-2015 Kingdom Come: Deliverance Tech Alpha 0.4 Released
18-Jun-2015 Kingdom Come: Deliverance E3 2015 Trailer
3-Apr-2015 Kingdom Come: Deliverance gets new alpha version, delayed to summer 2016
23-Oct-2014 Kingdom Come: Deliverance Alpha Released
4-Oct-2014 Kingdom Come: Deliverance Progress Report: New trailer, alpha access coming on October 22
5-Jun-2014 Kingdom Come: Deliverance Update: The Trials of Game Development
20-Feb-2014 Watch Kingdom Come: Deliverance in motion, KS ending at £1.1m
18-Feb-2014 Kingdom Come: Deliverance and Star Citizen To Share Technology
22-Jan-2014 Warhorse's Kingdom Come: Deliverance Is Now on Kickstarter
18-Dec-2013 Warhorse's RPG Unveiled as Kingdom Come: Deliverance
21-Nov-2013 Dan Vavra on Pitching Warhorse's New RPG to Publishers
13-Dec-2012 Dan Vávra writes a follow-up on leaked Warhorse video
9-Dec-2012 Leaked video from Warhorse presentation
6-Aug-2012 Warhorse's Daniel Vávra on Overkill Design
9-May-2012 Warhorse Studios' Dan Vavra on Choosing Your RPG Engine

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