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Thu 23 June 2016

You're in a desert, walking along in the sand, when all of a sudden you look down and see a tortoise. It's crawling toward you. You reach down and you flip the tortoise over on its back. The tortoise lays on its back, its belly baking in the hot sun, beating its legs trying to turn itself over, but it can't. Not without your help. But you're not helping. Why is that? Why are you not helping?

7 Mages Released

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Thu 23 June 2016, 18:40:15

Tags: 7 Mages; Napoleon Games

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It's been over three months since 7 Mages, the unique puzzle-centric blobber from Czech indie studio Napoleon Games where you play a party of (you guessed it) seven mages, was released on Steam Early Access. That version was a straight mobile port, which the developers intended to beef up with proper PC graphics and user interface. They did just that last month, and after a month of additional testing, the game was officially released earlier today. Here's the launch trailer:

According to local expert V_K, 7 Mages' rather awkward English translation has been improved, though it's still not perfect. There have also been some important balance tweaks. If you'd like to give it a try, the game is available on Steam now for $12.

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Wed 22 June 2016
Tyranny E3 2016 Previews, Gameplay Footage, Screenshots

Preview - posted by Infinitron on Wed 22 June 2016, 20:11:31

Tags: Brian Heins; Matthew Singh; Obsidian Entertainment; Tyranny

At last! A week after Tyranny's appearance at E3, a media embargo appears to have lapsed and numerous previews of the game have appeared across the web, including the first proper gameplay footage. The E3 demo was a siege scenario set in a fortress called Ascension Hall, in which the player can find himself allied with one of three factions - the Scarlet Chorus or the Disfavored, two rival armies who are besieging the fortress, or the Vendrien Guard, the rebel force defending it. PCGamesN have a 36 minute video which showcases the siege from all three sides:

Here's a list of all the previews I was able to track down:

The previews mention that the game allows you to betray your faction and switch sides in this scenario (although the PCGamesN video doesn't demonstrate that possibility). Depending on your attributes and reputation, this can have different results, ranging from you ending up fighting both sides to the betrayed faction retreating without a fight. There's some details about the combat, including UI changes and improvements. You can see that for yourself in the video, but it's worth mentioning that one preview also mentions the addition of in-dialogue lore tooltips - a feature that Pillars of Eternity lead writer Eric Fenstermaker said could have been helpful for reducing "exposition bloat" in our interview with him earlier this year. Finally, Obsidian have released seven new Tyranny screenshots to go with these previews, which you can view here.

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Spy DNA, a realistic tactical RPG featuring genetically enhanced super-spies, now on Kickstarter

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Wed 22 June 2016, 16:33:05

Tags: Shy Snake; Spy DNA

Spy DNA is a tactical RPG from a husband-and-wife team who call themselves Shy Snake, that first came to the Codex's attention back in February. Set in the future of 2075, Spy DNA's highlight is its realistic combat model featuring genetically enhanced "super-spy" protagonists. Over the past few months, Shy Snake have been regularly posting development updates and gameplay videos, which made a good impression on our forums. Somehow, it escaped my noticed that they'd also talked about doing a Kickstarter campaign...which was launched yesterday without warning. Here's the pitch video and overview:

What is Spy DNA?

Spy DNA is a tactical squad RPG that combines turn-based game mechanics with realistic combat simulation.

The game puts you in command of a small team of super-spies. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, will be to fight to preserve our way of life and stop those that want destroy it.

Using advanced genetic modification technology, you create and enhance your super-spy character to match your playstyle. You’ll lead a squad of spies with unique talents on missions around the globe.

We are greatly inspired by the RPGs of the past that made the genre popular in the first place: Jagged Alliance, Silent Storm, and the original XCOM.

Spy DNA will be available to play on Windows PCs.

Why you'll want to play Spy DNA
  • Super-realistic combat and AI make you feel like a real super-spy on a mission
  • Realistic weapons behaviour, aiming, and cover
  • Hit points replaced with anatomical damage
  • Dynamic turn duration based on character stats
  • Turns execute at the same time
  • Immersive story
  • Deep branched dialog
  • Rich character attributes and skills allow you to create and play a character based on your own play style
  • High tactical flexibility creates replay value
A $15 pledge will get you a copy of Spy DNA if the campaign is a success. Unfortunately, even with the longer-than-usual 60 day funding period, I can't see it reaching its $150,000 goal. Still, the game shows promise, so I hope that by posting this I can help the developers find some other source of funding, or at least encourage them not to give up.

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Fri 17 June 2016
Colony Ship RPG Update #6: Faction Overview

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Fri 17 June 2016, 01:38:05

Tags: Colony Ship RPG; Iron Tower Studios; Scott Hamm; Vault Dweller

For this month's Colony Ship RPG development update, Vault Dweller has written a detailed description of all of the game's factions. Unsurprisingly, there's a faction representing each side of the mutiny that brought the titular ship to its current state. The player character will be a member of the unaffiliated "Freemen" faction, and over the course of the game will venture forth into the Habitat, the area of the ship where the other factions make their home. More interesting is the wide variety of religious-themed factions, including a caste of sacred mutant engineers and an order of mysterious monks. Here are their full descriptions:

Men of the Covenant

When a small percentage of children in the Habitat were first born deformed, they were immediately shunned. Superstitions – that their deformities were contagious, that they were radioactive – swiftly followed and they were branded Mutants. The young were abandoned, and those whose defects didn't manifest until later driven out of the Habitat.

As the number of outcast Mutants grew, they began to settle in what had come to be known as the Engine Room, the vast open space providing access to the Ship’s engines and reactor. With the condition of the fusion reactor degrading to dangerous levels, and the number of volunteers for jobs in areas exposed to radiation remaining few, the Mutants approached the Habitat to negotiate the Covenant, a pact granting the Mutants protection from harassment and violence in exchange for their maintenance of the engines and other vital ship systems.

Out of necessity, engine work and electronics were taught to the outcasts by Engineering Officers, and out of "charity" Christianity was introduced by the missionaries. Over the decades, the isolated Mutant collective became increasingly tribal, and the confused worship of both science and religion led to a theocratic, caste-based society. Believing themselves chosen by a higher power, the Mutants declared their disfigurements not a curse but the Mark of God, the physical manifestation of their destiny to save the ship, and thus mankind.

Now the Mutant priests hide the stigmata of their kind behind masks depicting beatific metal faces, and their Consecrators regularly tour the Habitats, to seek out children bearing the Mark and to spread the word of God. Frowning upon (or more aptly, fearing) such blasphemy, the Church of the Elect claims that the Mark of the Beast is the proper name for the Mutants' affliction, but as long as they tend the Ship's engines they remain inviolable.


At the heart of the Ship sits one of its deepest mysteries: the House Ecclesiastes. A simple, unadorned facade belies the importance of this temple, and the curious visitor is welcomed by nothing more than a centuries-faded relief spelling ECLSS and two well-maintained turrets. Only senior faction representatives are granted audience here. All others are turned away.

The monks of House Ecclesiastes are the keepers of many secrets. Deep within the zone, they are said to meditate on the very essence of Life and Death, but their practice is not one of philosophy. Their rituals are crucial to the systems that allow every citizen to survive. The burden of their knowledge is so heavy that they have cast aside all other earthly concerns, caring not for wealth, pleasure or power. Thus their motto: He who increases in Knowledge increases in Sorrow.

With few exceptions the needs of these ascetics are modest, but whatever they request, they promptly receive. In return they offer nothing but the continued supply of air to breathe and water to drink.

Generations will come and go, but the Ship is eternal.​

The update also reports that Vault Dweller has hired Scott Hamm, lead designer of Iron Tower's cancelled Lovecraftian RPG Cyclopean who is also contributing to Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones, to help him write the game and hopefully finish it on time. That's right, Iron Tower has a genuine writing team now.

P.S. If you want to know what ECLSS stands for, just use Google.

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Thu 16 June 2016
Bastard Bonds, a mature fast-paced tactical RPG, now available on Steam

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Thu 16 June 2016, 19:17:48

Tags: Bastard Bonds; Bigfingers

Bastard Bonds is a turn-based tactical RPG by indie developer Bigfingers. Originally released on the developer's website back in April, it became known to the Codex shortly afterwards and was well-received for its interesting-looking gameplay and gorgeous (or should I say, fabulous) pixel art. So it wasn't surprising that it was quickly greenlit for release on Steam, where it finally became available this morning. A review at GamesNosh describes Bastard Bonds as "a mature game for mature gamers". Perhaps you'll understand when you watch the trailer:

Justice has failed. The criminal, the deranged, the inconvenient, and the uncomfortable; all are cast across the sea to the greedy island of Lukatt, whose shores let nothing slip free. Whether sinner or saint, you are one of these outcasts, and it is there, in a dark cell on the cold shore of that island, where you will finally cut fate's throat and take control of your own future.

Gather a band of the criminal and the forgotten, forgive their transgressions or ostracize them, use them as workhorses or nurture their trust, slaughter your enemies or spare them, release the conquered or press them into service. Find a way to escape the inescapable, or find a way to bend it to your will.

Bastard Bonds is a mature, fast-paced tactical RPG with high-end pixel art and in-depth character customization, including built-in sprite mod support. Featuring more than 200 in-game locations, more than 1000 character sprites, an all-original soundtrack, and 40+ hours of gameplay.
If you think you're man enough for it, Bastards Bonds is now available on Steam for $20, with a 10% launch discount until next week. There's also a free demo available on the Bigfingers website if you're unsure.

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Tyranny Gameplay Snippets on Twitch's E3 2016 Broadcast

Preview - posted by Infinitron on Thu 16 June 2016, 00:42:03

Tags: Brian Heins; Obsidian Entertainment; Tyranny

Obsidian's Brian Heins showed up on Twitch's E3 broadcast today to talk about Tyranny. Sadly, there was no actual gameplay footage, but the (rather clueless) hosts did play some sort of looping reel of gameplay snippets while Brian answered their questions. It's the best look we've gotten at the game so far. Check it out:

As for new information, there wasn't much of it. Brian mentions that the game has over 80 areas. The story is focused on human vs human politics, and the only non-human race are the Beastmen, who are primitive, semi-intelligent humanoids. Oh, and apparently there's going to be some sort of "combat scaling" mechanism such that enemies will never be too far above your level. This really is going to be like an isometric Elder Scrolls!

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Wed 15 June 2016
RPG Codex Review: Serpent in the Staglands

Review - posted by Infinitron on Wed 15 June 2016, 20:06:46

Tags: Serpent in the Staglands; Whalenought Studios

Whalenought Studios' Serpent in the Staglands was an instant hit the day I posted about its Kickstarter campaign on our forums back in 2014. With its thoughtfully oldschool sensibilities and gorgeous pixel art, not to mention the developers' willingness to directly engage with our community, it quickly rose to the status of one of the Codex's "house indies", alongside worthy titles such as Underrail and Age of Decadence. For that reason, you'd think it would have been easy to find somebody to review the game when it was released in May 2015. Well, more than a year has passed since then, and the consensus on this still-unreviewed title remains unclear. Especially in the wake of Pillars of Eternity and all of its associated drama, many were eager to hold up Serpent in the Staglands as the true successor to the real-time with pause legacy. Others whispered that this alleged indie classic was not so great, and a few even lashed out at it using a particular acronym that I won't repeat here.

Clearly, only a Codex-sanctioned official review could clarify this matter once and for all. After two abortive attempts to produce such a review, including one that resulted in the mysterious disappearance of the reviewer from our forums, the esteemed Deuce Traveler volunteered to take a break from his Elder Scrolls review marathon to write one himself. It's fitting that today, just days after the success of Whalenought's second Kickstarter venture, I can finally offer you the official RPG Codex review of Serpent in the Staglands. Both the good:

This is going to sound odd, but my favorite aspect of Serpent in the Staglands is how it treats the player like an intelligent human being. You won't find a 30 minute tutorial explaining how to walk, manipulate items, or fight in this game. You will have to read the huge and detailed manual, and most likely consult it several times while you play, in order to understand its arcane user interface. I recommend ditching the in-game journal and writing down your own notes using good old pen and paper, and taking your time to read the dialogue. As stated earlier, combat can be extremely deadly and character progression is initially rather slow, so you'll have to pick your battles. There were many locations in the game that were too dangerous for my party at the beginning, so I had to temporarily abandon the idea of exploring them and find other, easier areas to develop my characters' combat proficiency before I could take them on. Money never ceases to be a concern - there always seemed to be some special item I wanted at the blacksmith's shop that kept me motivated to quest for further loot, even towards the end. It's hard for me to recall the last time I played a game that started off so challenging and didn't hold my hand, and it's hard to describe the thrill I felt when I finally earned enough money to buy my main character a better set of equipment, or when he reached his third level. Character progression is well-paced - slow enough to make you feel that you earned it, fast enough to prevent frustration.​

And the bad:

Serpent in the Staglands' combat is real-time with pause, but it's pretty tactically simplistic. Although I enjoyed trying out new spells and skills, I ultimately found it to be a boring experience. Because combat is so fatal and I didn't want to experience the game's ridiculously long loading times (about 53 seconds on average) every time I lost a character, I ended up taking advantage of its poor enemy AI. My main tactic was to position one of my melee characters just at the edge of an enemy's field of vision to get him to attack, then retreat back to the rest of the party, overwhelming the suicidal enemy with ranged attacks and superior numbers. Wash, rinse, and repeat to get through an entire dungeon or wilderness area. Enemy encounters aren't very diverse, either. Even in the game's final stages, my party was still mostly fighting heavily armored melee opponents, with very few ranged and magic-using enemies to be found. Enemies often drop loot that does not match what you'd expect them to have. Sometimes I fought bandits and found a weapon and shield but no armor, even though they seemed to be be wearing leather. But then again, with the game's low level of graphical detail, maybe they were wearing just brown clothes?​

Read the full article: RPG Codex Review: Serpent in the Staglands

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Tue 14 June 2016
Ubisoft E3 2016 Conference: South Park 2 looks surprisingly good, coming December 6th

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Tue 14 June 2016, 01:17:22

Tags: South Park: The Fractured But Whole; Ubisoft

Remember South Park: The Fractured But Whole, Ubisoft's surprise in-house sequel to Obsidian's South Park: The Stick of Truth that was announced last year? You may be wondering why we never posted anything about it after that. That's because there was nothing to post - the project went into complete silence mode. Until today, that is, when it appeared in the middle of the otherwise predictable Ubisoft E3 press conference...and revealed itself to be a remarkably decent-looking turn-based RPG featuring tactical positioning and environmental interaction mechanics. No, really! Here's the entire South Park segment of the press conference:

It's coming out this year, on December 6th. Dark horse candidate for RPGOTY 2016?

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PC Gaming Show at E3 2016: Tyranny Gameplay Reveal Trailer

Preview - posted by Infinitron on Tue 14 June 2016, 00:23:19

Tags: BattleTech; Brian Heins; Harebrained Schemes; Jordan Weisman; Necropolis; Obsidian Entertainment; Tyranny

Amidst the endless procession of mind-numbingly interchangeable indies at this year's PC Gaming Show at E3, there were a few notable highlights - Dawn of War 3, Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord, and also a new trailer for Obsidian's Tyranny. They're calling it a "gameplay reveal" trailer, but that description should be understood literally - it's really just a story trailer with a few brief snippets of gameplay. Which is better than what we had before, I guess. Perhaps, as with The White March announcement last year, there'll be a proper gameplay demonstration soon after this.

During the "post-show" session, Brian Heins showed up for a brief chat about the game, but he didn't really reveal anything new. Harebrained Schemes' Jordan Weisman also made an appearance to talk about BattleTech and Necropolis, but again, it was far too short to reveal anything of substance. We'll have to seek in-depth information about these games elsewhere.

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Mon 13 June 2016
Bethesda E3 2016 Conference: Fallout 4 DLC, Skyrim Special Edition, Dishonored 2, and Prey with MCA

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Mon 13 June 2016, 11:27:02

Tags: Arkane Studios; Bethesda Softworks; Chris Avellone; Dishonored 2; Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim; Fallout 4; Fallout Shelter; Harvey Smith; Prey (Arkane Studios); Raphael Colantonio; The Elder Scrolls Online; The Elder Scrolls: Legends; Todd Howard

Bethesda's E3 press conference last night was a bit more interesting than EA's. The actual Bethesda Game Studios didn't really have a lot to show this year. In a four minute video, Todd Howard introduced the second wave of Fallout 4 DLC - the Contraptions Workshop, another piece of $5 crafting nonsense coming out next week, the Vault-Tec Workshop, which seems to be an in-game implementation of Fallout Shelter that's coming out in July, and Nuka-World, a major story-based add-on coming out in August that will be Fallout 4's final DLC. Fallout Shelter itself is going to be receiving a major update and will be released on PC in July.

Todd also confirmed the recent rumors of a Skyrim remaster for next-gen consoles. Skyrim Special Edition is coming out on October 28th and will feature graphical updates like "volumetric god rays" and "new snow shaders". It's coming to PC as well and will be a free update if you own the original Skyrim and all of its DLC. Speaking of The Elder Scrolls, there were also a couple of trailers for The Elder Scrolls Online MMO and The Elder Scrolls: Legends card game, but nobody cares about those. So here's the video:

The real stars of the conference, however, were Arkane Studios. Harvey Smith introduced a new trailer for Dishonored 2, which is coming out on November 11th. It reveals that the mysterious usurper that ousts Emily Kaldwin from her throne is none other than Delilah, the villainous witch who was the antagonist of the first game's DLCs. There was also a good amount of Dishonored 2 gameplay footage.

But Dishonored isn't Arkane's only franchise anymore. Arkane Austin's Raph Colantonio came on stage to announce Prey, finally confirming the rumors that have been circulating since 2013. It's a science fiction-themed immersive sim in the Arkane tradition that's set onboard an alien-infested space station. Sounds pretty System Shock-like, right? And guess what - Chris Avellone is involved! It's actually fitting, given that Obsidian had their own Prey 2 project for a while. Maybe this is why he's been namedropping System Shock recently. Here are the trailers:

Prey is set to come out sometime next year. It doesn't appear to be billing itself as an RPG so we won't be covering it in depth here, but I'm sure it's going to be at the top of many a Codexer's wishlist. I wonder what this means for OtherSide Entertainment's System Shock 3, which in addition to the obvious similarities is also going to be developed in the same city as Prey. That could get weird.

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Electronic Arts E3 2016 Conference: Mass Effect: Andromeda trailer, also FIFA might be an RPG now

Preview - posted by Infinitron on Mon 13 June 2016, 01:50:50

Tags: BioWare; Electronic Arts; Mass Effect: Andromeda

E3 2016 is upon us! It's that time of year when we lower our standards and spend hours watching trailers for games we don't care about so we can make fun of them. And what better way to begin than with the Electronic Arts press conference? This year, amidst the Titanfalls and the Battlefields and the EA Sports and the Star Wars, there was another Mass Effect: Andromeda trailer. Andromeda was originally supposed to come out this year, but then it got delayed to Q1 2017 (something which may or may not be related to a mysterious string of departures from developer BioWare Montreal earlier this year).

So here's the trailer, which features all sorts of, uh, intergalactic stuff. There's Makos, Thresher Maws, weird-looking Asari, and what appears to be be the new Mass Effect strong female protagonist™. It seems kind of raw, to be honest. I wonder if the game isn't going to end up getting delayed again.

Besides that, there was also a video about the numerous unannounced Star Wars games EA's various studios are currently working on. Notably, BioWare veteran James Ohlen made an appearance, hinting but not quite confirming that BioWare might someday make another Star Wars game that isn't an expansion for The Old Republic MMO.

Oh, and FIFA 2017 has a Story Mode now. It's got emotionally engaging cinematics. And a dialogue wheel. No, I'm not kidding. Heck, this might end up having more stats than Mass Effect.

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Sat 11 June 2016
Copper Dreams Kickstarter Update #11: Funded!

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Sat 11 June 2016, 23:59:33

Tags: Copper Dreams; Whalenought Studios

The Copper Dreams Kickstarter campaign has successfully concluded, with $43,038 gathered from 1074 backers. The community really came together on the last week to help push it over the top, albeit at the cost of a much-reduced final days' spike. The campaign didn't reach its stretch goals, but that doesn't mean they're lost forever. Joe and Hannah's victory update explains:


We're so amazed that 1074 of you (more with Paypal coming in!) have believed and backed Copper Dreams to help make it a reality. We had two potential paths for what we wanted to do with the story and game a month ago, and this has been a definitive answer to being able to start developing the full-scale one! Even with our early graphics and gameplay we've gotten enough interest to devote a full development cycle to the game, and we're so excited to be able to spend the time to do that.

Stretch Goals through Paypal

Our Paypal backers are starting to increase! While the stretch goals were a combination of our external work + funds for implementation, we're going to be flexible with what we can achieve, especially in the sound department.

We've already purchased a vast library worth of high-fidelity sounds and will be making some of our own (a highlight of the game will be the ambient sounds in-game, something we're excited about), but having that extended soundtrack would be a wonderful addition.

Next Steps

We're in the process of still trying to tweak gameplay and mechanics to get them feeling absolutely right. When you see the game again, hopefully soon, we should have something very special to show you! A key component for our current development schedule is spending all the time needed to make sure the ruleset and mechanics are implemented perfectly, as we plan on using (and adding to) these mechanics down the road for other games. Ideally, when you see that a game uses the Burning Candle ruleset, you'll have a very good idea of what that will play like, fantasy or sci-fi.

In the coming months we'll be scuttling back into our hobbit hole and digging in. We have some big enhancements we're making for our next tech demo when it comes to the moving and tactical mode we think folks will really enjoy. We'll continue having highlights of different systems in-game with updates throughout development, and are working towards the v-slice and then alpha!

Thank You

Thank you all again for all the good wishes, support, and believing in Copper Dreams. This campaign was much more challenging than our previous one, and only succeeded because of you and your diligent efforts to spread the word.

We'll be in touch, thanks again everyone!​

So ends another Kickstarter. Congratulations again to Whalenought, and good luck!

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Fri 10 June 2016
Beamdog's next game is a Dungeons & Dragons RPG

Company News - posted by Infinitron on Fri 10 June 2016, 23:28:15

Tags: Beamdog

If you've been wondering what Beamdog would do next after the release of Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear, then wonder no more. Codex newshunter LESS T_T just spotted a link to this wanted ad on David Gaider's Twitter feed:


Ever considered taking your love of roleplaying games to the next level and actually becoming part of their creation? Do you dream about constructing epic quests for the players of your tabletop game? Would the idea of being part of the future of Dungeons & Dragons on computers appeal to you? Beamdog, the game developers behind Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition, Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition, and Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition—as well as the newly released Baldur’s Gate: Siege of Dragonspear—are looking for a Narrative Designer to join their creative team.


The Narrative Designer will be responsible for working with the rest of the Beamdog creative team to craft an upcoming (and currently unannounced) CRPG in the Dungeons & Dragons universe. This means coming up with unique and exciting quest designs, creating brand new characters the fans will love, and being responsible for their writing and dialogue through the entire iterative and editing process all the way to release.

It's hard work, as Beamdog’s games require a great deal of writing as well as flexibility on the part of the narrative designers, but it makes for a new challenge every day. There is no other career quite like it!
I know what you're thinking - Baldur's Gate 3! Keep in mind however that in the run-up to Siege of Dragonspear's release, Beamdog's Phillip Daigle stated that the recently hired Gaider was not working on a Baldur's Gate game. So it may be an entirely new thing. And it'll definitely have to use 5th Edition rules.

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Introducing No Truce With The Furies, "a story-driven isometric RPG about being a total failure"

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Fri 10 June 2016, 20:44:08

Tags: Fortress Occident; No Truce With The Furies

A couple of days ago we received word of an indie RPG with the unusual name of No Truce With The Furies. The developers are a team based in Estonia, who call themselves Fortress Occident. But this game is no typical "Eastern European shovelware". In fact, it's probably very different from any RPG you've ever seen. It made a good impression on our users, and Fortress Occident's representative on our forums seems rather anxious that I post about it here, so without further ado, here is the official announcement for No Truce With The Furies:

[​IMG] [​IMG]

NO TRUCE WITH THE FURIES is a story-driven isometric role playing game about being a total failure. An almost irreversible, unmitigated failure. Both as a human being and an officer of the law.

Find yourself in a strange and familiar new world, where you can go anywhere you want to. See that liquor store? You can go there. See that motor-carriage? You can drive it into the ocean. See that phone booth? You can call her, and make her love you again!

Or – you can take one final case and crawl back to life.

  • A new genre of setting developed for over 15 years in absolute secret. Neither fantasy, alternate history, nor any type of -punk, a novel set in the same world has been dubbed fantastic realism.
  • The most advanced visuals ever made for the isometric perspective. A trick of the trade we call paintshading lets us create a moving contemporary oil painting.
  • A realistic skill system lets you develop original ideas using Conceptual Thinking, tune your nervous system with Electrochemistry, and become a disgrace to the uniform with Composure, a skill that lets you don your disco outfit to the maximum effect.
  • Writing by chronically success-impaired science fiction author Robert Kurvitz and original music by the Mercury prize winning band British Sea Power.
  • Thought Cabinet, an inventory for thoughts, where you process the ideas you’ve stumbled on. Ideas become fixtures, permanent beliefs you can’t get rid of, even if you want to.
  • Exactly one hundred and twenty eight times more choice and consequence than previously thought possible in a role playing video game. This is a world where even the smallest things you say matter.
Inspired by “Planescape: Torment”, “Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare” and “Kentucky Route Zero”.

“NO TRUCE WITH THE FURIES” has been in development for over a year. It’s expected by the end of 2016 for PC.

We are Fortress Occident. We are 13 strong and “No Truce With The Furies” is our debut.​

As explained in the game's FAQ, No Truce With The Furies will not have turn-based combat. Nor will it have real-time combat. It's not going to have any combat "system" at all. Violent confrontations will take place in scripted dialogue sequences using relevant stats and skills (of which there are plenty). There's no Kickstarter either - it's just going to come out. How very quaint. We'll be keeping an eye on this game. For more information, you can check out its development blog, which has updates going back to January.

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Torment: Tides of Numenera to be published by Techland, gets teaser trailer

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Fri 10 June 2016, 15:45:17

Tags: InXile Entertainment; Techland; Torment: Tides of Numenera

Well, that didn't take long. The news broke out today that the mystery publisher for Torment: Tides of Numenera, teased in yesterday's Kickstarter update, is none other than Techland, the Polish game developer responsible for the Call of Juarez, Dead Island and Dying Light franchises. They announced their plans to become a global publisher just a week ago, and Torment will be the first one. Here's the official press release courtesy of Gamasutra, along with a low-effort teaser trailer put together for the occasion:

June 10th, 2016 – Wroclaw, Poland/... Techland Publishing is proud to announce its collaboration with inXile Entertainment to globally publish the retail version of Torment: Tides of Numenera. The science-fantasy RPG is scheduled for a PC release in the first quarter of 2017.

Developed by inXile Entertainment, the renowned studio led by industry icon Brian Fargo,Torment: Tides of Numenera is the first title announced by Techland as part of its move into the international games publishing. Furthermore, the boxed edition of the game will be enhanced with a number of physical and digital bonuses that will ease players into the unique world of Numenera and further increase their immersion in the story.

‘I’ve been impressed with Techland and am pleased to be collaborating with them’ – says Brian Fargo, inXile Entertainment CEO. ‘Bringing a game of such scope and depth to the international market is a major undertaking, and we wanted to be sure we partnered with professionals who knew how to cater to the global community. Techland has been a great partner and their track record has convinced us they are the people we want to have at our side.'

Torment: Tides of Numenera is the highly-anticipated thematic successor to one of the best RPGs of all time - Planescape: Torment. The game has already amassed a dedicated following as shown by it being one of the three most-funded Kickstarter games to date. Bringing back the golden era of RPGs, the game features a deep, thematically satisfying story set in a world unlike any other – Earth a billion years in the future. On top of a thought-provoking narrative and a novel take on turn-based combat, Torment: Tides of Numenera offers hundreds of meaningful, game-changing choices that ensure no playthrough is ever the same.
Obviously, inXile are taking a gamble here, but I guess you can't beat those potato prices.

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Copper Dreams Kickstarter Update #10: Base Funding Goal Reached, Alpha Details

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Fri 10 June 2016, 11:36:17

Tags: Copper Dreams; Whalenought Studios

The Copper Dreams Kickstarter campaign reached its funding goal last night, with 48 hours on the clock. In the latest Kickstarter update, Joe and Hannah celebrate their victory, and also provide some details on the game's backer alpha, which it seems they've already planned out in detail. I quote:

And we're funded!! We're so gracious for all the support getting here, we couldn't have done this without you all helping spread the news about the game. We're so thankful and happy to have you on board for this project! Some of you have been spamming the internet and forums for the last month, and that word of mouth got us ~900 backers! Thank you all so much. We are truly grateful for your help and support.


Our other two big goals are comprised of funds for continued development on our end as well as the external work we'd need to allocate resources for. We'll be assessing how much we make at the end of the Kickstarter along with any paypal orders in the future to see what we can do about attaining any of those goals. We'll keep you all informed on progress!

Paypal Available

Not really news for you backers, but we wanted to announce that we will have a paypal option to pre-order the game up to beta release. Once we have those alpha/beta releases we'll remove those and will just have the base game for preorder prior to release. Any additional funding will count toward said stretch goals.

Modular Reward Purchases

We've had a few messages and emails asking us about being able to purchase the miniatures/handbooks separately after the campaign ends or through paypal. All the rewards after the first three are Kickstarter exclusive to Kickstarter backers. Our fingers (and time) can only endure so much needlework, so the books made during this time will be it for Copper Dreams! We do plan on making more miniatures for Copper Dreams and Vol characters in the future, but need to plan out costs for those down the road. However as said, the ones available in this Kickstarter will be exclusive for our backers now, so we won't make these exact ones again.

Agro-Fax: Supply Drop

Creating a new kind of user control and mechanic setup is both extremely challenging and exciting. We're constantly tweaking and changing things as we get to the vertical slice for what plays and feels right for the game and ruleset. We have a great boon with this Kickstarter in having so many alpha testers, and we're excited to get it in your hands later this year.

While the beta will involve the game proper, part one of the alpha will involve a small mission on the island before presenting the start of the game in a second alpha stage. You'll be playing a team of Agro-Fax agents being dropped off via helicopter over a derelict factory to steal data drives believed to be stored within. This gives some flavor into other syndicate operations and includes all of the game mechanics. Agro-Fax culture is quite different from Wolffz Bay, led by a bunch of aloof, groovy scientists hell bent on their own ambitions without much care of the rest of the island. The agents they send on missions are still as dangerous as any though. You'll see to it. We'll be releasing more information on the release timeline for this down the road.

We're still tweaking mechanics and setting up the vertical slice with a group of our *top men*, but will be posting details here when we're getting there!

The alpha will be available for Mac, Windows and Linux users. ​

Congratulations, you kids. It was a near thing, but you made it. Now let's see how the final 36 hours shake out.

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Thu 9 June 2016
Torment Kickstarter Update #56: Beta Released to All Backers, Game Delayed to Q1 2017

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Thu 9 June 2016, 23:34:22

Tags: Brian Fargo; InXile Entertainment; Torment: Tides of Numenera

Since the release of the Torment: Tides of Numenera beta in January, there's been a smattering of interviews and a couple of brief updates, but nothing really big - an unusual thing for a game meant to come out this year. Today's Kickstarter update by Brian Fargo has finally broken the silence. So there's good news and there's bad news. The good news is that the game's beta has been updated and made available to all backers. The bad news is that the game's final release has been delayed to next year. Plus, there's a mystery publisher involved! Here's the main part of the update, including a few screenshots of the beta's new areas:

[​IMG] [​IMG]

When we last checked in, we were heading towards a content complete milestone, and we are pleased to say we have hit that mark. The game is playable from beginning to end, which marks a major step forward. This is one of the most content rich role playing games I have ever worked on.

Of course there is still plenty of work ahead and we won't be cooling our heels yet. Our artists, writers and designers are continuing work to bring the game towards a finished state by polishing systems, artwork, quests and more, and QA is an ongoing process. In the videogames business and especially with RPGs, time to iterate is the biggest luxury you can have.

Torment has also grown to around 1 million words – bigger than the Bible – and we feel that getting a good quality translation of such a deep narrative experience is very important for a large percentage of our players. Therefore, we will be turning to professional localization services to achieve the best experience possible. With the game content complete, we have already begun locking down our text and breaking it into batches for localization, so progress is already being made.

This localization is no small feat (not to mention costly!), but we have a secret weapon… we're partnering with a certain publisher to help out on this front. But who is this partner? We can't comment on that just yet… but you will learn more very soon.

All said and done, our combined iteration and localization efforts are looking to be a 6-month process. So, we have two paths open to us, a bit of choice and consequence, if you will. Those of you who have been following our updates know we have been hinting towards a late 2016 release, and we could crunch and rush to get the game out around November. But doing so would mean both sacrificing the quality of our localization and would lead to a less polished game for the nearly 100,000 people total who have backed the game. Therefore, in the interests of giving everyone the best experience, we will be releasing Torment in early Q1 2017.

We know it's frustrating to wait a little longer, but we've come this far. I remember the pain of moving the release of Baldur's Gate 1 effectively into January in much the same way, but that ended up being the right move and we all know how fondly it is remembered today. These types of trade-offs are never easy, but from day one it's been our goal to make Torment the masterpiece you deserve.
The full update has a list of the major changes in the new beta version. So, who's that publisher? I think if it was Deep Silver, it probably wouldn't be a secret, plus they didn't really do that great of a job last time. Have Paradox added another oldschool RPG developer to their catalogue, or is it somebody else entirely?

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Copper Dreams Kickstarter Update #9: Mega Box and Design Talk With Sensuki

Game News - posted by Wasteland™ on Thu 9 June 2016, 17:36:56

Tags: Copper Dreams; Whalenought Studios

Whalenought Studios, consisting of the celebrity couple Joe and Hannah, just published another Kickstarter update. With 54 hours left on the campaign, they're on the final stretch with only ~500 dollars to go to reach their $40k goal.

The news in this update are:


We wanted to show our mockup of what we have planned for the available miniatures to select from any Miniature+ reward tiers. We'll have photos of the 3d printed models we get as proofs before any of you make final decisions on which one you'd like to have! Miniatures will be available colored plastic sandstone, or in a matte white which you can color!

The Mega Box Tier
Throughout the campaign we had some requests to have larger tiers, or tiers that include a compilation of all the rewards. We have to be careful with how much we can actually do with physical rewards, of course, that's time out of our two-person team. However we could easily oblige providing more exclusives that are simply coming from other tiers or making the game.
Thus we wanted to create a mega box tier here at the end of all things. A few of you have so graciously donated beyond the highest tier, and anyone who has will be receiving this upgraded tier regardless if they change their pledge.​


Our good friend Sensuki gives MattChat a run for his money and has filmed an interview with the power couple, discussing game design and such. In two parts, holy shit!

Pledge some money to their Kickstarter now!

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Expeditions: Viking June Newsletter: Developer Diary Videos, Chris Avellone Workshop

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Thu 9 June 2016, 00:01:59

Tags: Alex Mintsioulis; Chris Avellone; Expeditions: Viking; Logic Artists

There wasn't really any interesting Expeditions: Viking news last month. A few more previews/interviews from EGX Rezzed and PAX East, but those were nothing we hadn't seen already. There were also a couple of short developer diary videos, which I'll post here:

But the reason I'm posting this is because today's monthly newsletter has announced that Chris Avellone has decided to involve himself in the development of this game as well. Apparently he's going to drop by the Logic Artists office next month to do a "workshop". I'm not sure what exactly that means, but they're offering to ask him questions submitted by fans. If you think there's anything we missed in our interview, you can contact them on Twitter or Facebook. Or here, I guess.

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Wed 8 June 2016
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided City Hub Gameplay Demo

Preview - posted by Infinitron on Wed 8 June 2016, 23:16:33

Tags: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided; Eidos Montreal

The powers that be at Square Enix and Eidos Montreal decided to broadcast a special Deus Ex: Mankind Divided stream on Twitch today, a week ahead of E3. And boy, was it full of weird crap. They announced Deus Ex GO, a turn-based infiltration puzzle game for mobile devices. They announced Breach, an online competitive arcade mode for Mankind Divided with stylized graphics and optional microtransactions. They even announced that they were going to produce a real bionic hand in partnership with Razer (lolwut).

Thankfully, in addition to all of that nonsense, there was also a decent gameplay video of about 18 minutes long, which they uploaded to YouTube before the stream was even over. Narrated by game director Jean-Francois Dugas, it showcases the game's first hub, Prague, which Jensen must traverse to locate a certain augmentation specialist to repair his malfunctioning systems. Along the way, there's plenty of exploration, side quest opportunities, and a neighborhood full of violent gangsters to dispatch in a variety of ways.

Note the larger, more vertical level design. It's clear that Dishonored has been a major influence on this game. Actually, with that Viktor Antonov-esque Eastern European architecture, it almost looks like a Dishonored clone. Not the worst influence you could have, I guess. If you'd like to learn more about Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, a bunch of previews were posted on the Internet today concurrent with the stream, but I can't really be bothered to round them all up.

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