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Iron Tower Studio

Iron Tower Studio

Articles associated with this tag:

7-Dec-2016 RPG Codex Review: Dungeon Rats
7-Dec-2015 RPG Codex Review: The Age of Decadence
25-Mar-2015 RPG Codex Re-Preview: The Age of Decadence
12-Feb-2012 The Age of Decadence Demo Preview
8-Oct-2008 Cyclopean Interview
23-Apr-2008 An interview with Vince D. Weller
16-Mar-2018 The New World Design Poll #1: Assuming Control
3-Mar-2018 The New World Update #24: The Wasteland
14-Feb-2018 Taking Care of Business: Iron Tower Studio Business Diary
3-Feb-2018 Vince D. Weller and Mark Yohalem RPG Mega-Interview by Chris Picone
30-Jan-2018 The New World Update #23: State of the Game, First Screenshots
30-Dec-2017 The New World Update #22: Faction Leaders Overview
21-Nov-2017 The New World Update #21: Grenades & Headgear
13-Oct-2017 The New World Update #20: Crossing The Factory
24-Sep-2017 The New World Update #19: The Mutants
23-Aug-2017 The New World Update #18: Systems Overview, Second Iteration
20-Aug-2017 Vault Dweller interviewed about The New World and more at GoHa.Ru
16-Jul-2017 The New World Update #17: Status Report, Art Pipeline Overview
29-Jun-2017 The New World Update #16: Unreal Engine Report
10-Jun-2017 Vault Dweller talks about life and The New World at RPGNuke
3-Jun-2017 The New World Update #15: Official Title, Stealth System Overview
12-May-2017 Colony Ship RPG Update #14: Gadgets & Grenades
5-Apr-2017 Colony Ship RPG Update #13: Welcome To The Pit
24-Mar-2017 The Age of Decadence's final update adds features and improvements from Dungeon Rats
14-Feb-2017 Colony Ship RPG Update #12: The Protectors' Enclave
11-Jan-2017 Colony Ship RPG Update #11: Systems Overview
25-Dec-2016 Colony Ship RPG Update #10: Companions Overview
16-Nov-2016 Colony Ship RPG Update #9: Locations Overview
4-Nov-2016 Dungeon Rats Released
26-Oct-2016 Colony Ship RPG Update #8: The Jackson Riflemen
21-Oct-2016 Dungeon Rats gets trailer, coming November 4th
23-Sep-2016 Dungeon Rats FAQ and Screenshots
16-Sep-2016 Dungeon Rats, Iron Tower Studio's Age of Decadence dungeon crawler, officially announced
19-Jul-2016 Colony Ship RPG Update #7: Iron Tower Studio Design Principles
1-Jul-2016 How to Survive Indiepocalypse in 5 Easy Steps
17-Jun-2016 Colony Ship RPG Update #6: Factions Overview
18-May-2016 Colony Ship RPG Update #5: Making a New RPG, Combat and Stealth
22-Apr-2016 Colony Ship RPG Update #4: Main Quest Design, Progress Report
13-Mar-2016 Colony Ship RPG Update #3: Development Timetable, Systems Changes
16-Feb-2016 Colony Ship RPG Update #2: Design Goals, Mechanics
27-Jan-2016 Colony Ship RPG Update #1: Setting, Character System
29-Nov-2015 Age of Decadence Post-Release Update #2: More on the Dungeon Crawler and Colony Ship Projects
25-Nov-2015 The Fanatic and His RPG - Mark Yohalem on The Age of Decadence
23-Oct-2015 Age of Decadence Post-Release Update #1: 10,000 copies sold, upcoming updates and future projects
14-Oct-2015 The Age of Decadence Released
10-Sep-2015 Age of Decadence September Update: Release date - October 14th!
3-Sep-2015 Age of Decadence August Update
4-Aug-2015 Age of Decadence development in the final stretch, release on October
7-Jul-2015 Age of Decadence July Early Access Update
6-Jun-2015 Age of Decadence May Update
9-Apr-2015 Age of Decadence March Update
3-Mar-2015 Age of Decadence January and February Updates
26-Dec-2014 Age of Decadence December Update
8-Nov-2014 Age of Decadence October Update
23-Aug-2014 Age of Decadence August Update
7-Aug-2014 Age of Decadence Combat Guide
25-Jul-2014 Age of Decadence July Update
8-Jul-2014 Age of Decadence June Update
11-Jun-2014 Age of Decadence May Update
12-May-2014 Age of Decadence April Update
29-Apr-2014 Age of Decadence Preview at Rock Paper Shotgun
11-Apr-2014 Age of Decadence March Update
6-Mar-2014 Age of Decadence February Update
1-Feb-2014 Age of Decadence January Update
6-Jan-2014 Age of Decadence December Update
23-Dec-2013 Age of Decadence R4 Preview at GameBanshee
15-Dec-2013 Age of Decadence November Update
15-Nov-2013 Age of Decadence Released on Steam Early Access
10-Nov-2013 Vault Dweller interviewed about Kickstarter, calls Shadowrun Returns an "awful fucking iPhone game"
7-Nov-2013 Age of Decadence October Update: Extended Demo [Enhanced Director's Cut] Released
26-Oct-2013 Vince D. Weller Speaks Truth With RPGNuke
30-Sep-2013 Age of Decadence September Update
2-Sep-2013 Age of Decadence August Update
6-Jul-2013 Cyclopean Retrospective Interview at Gamebanshee
1-Jul-2013 Age of Decadence June Update
13-Jun-2013 "How to make a Torment game" - Mega-Interview with Kevin Saunders and Adam Heine at Iron Tower
1-Jun-2013 Age of Decadence May Update
24-May-2013 Age of Decadence Interview at ePressDesk
25-Apr-2013 The Age of Decadence April Update: State of the Game (and More)
25-Mar-2013 Age of Decadence March Update
15-Mar-2013 Vault Dweller interviewed by Forbes about Age of Decadence
8-Mar-2013 GOG Plays The Age of Decadence
22-Feb-2013 Age of Decadence February Update
24-Jan-2013 Age of Decadence January Update
15-Jan-2013 The Age of Decadence Greenlit by Steam
9-Jan-2013 The Age of Decadence Demo : Russian Version Released
25-Dec-2012 The Age of Decadence Christmas Update
7-Dec-2012 Post-Imperial Play: Age Of Decadence Demo
6-Dec-2012 Project Eternity Interview @ Irontower
29-Nov-2012 Age of Decadence November Update
1-Nov-2012 Age of Decadence October Update
22-Oct-2012 The Age of Decadence Impressions on HeroicFantasyGames
16-Oct-2012 Steam Greenlight Spotlight: The Age of Decadence
29-Sep-2012 Age of Decadence September Update
15-Sep-2012 Age of Decadence on Steam Greenlight
1-Sep-2012 Steam Greenlight: RPG Highlights
31-Aug-2012 Age of Decadence August Update
31-Jul-2012 Age of Decadence July Update
26-Jun-2012 Age of Decadence demo preview @ RobotGeek
1-Jun-2012 Age of Decadence May Update: Torque 3D and Maadoran
1-Jun-2012 Age of Decadence Contest : Winners Announced
24-May-2012 MCA was checking out Age of Decadence
8-May-2012 The Age of Decadence Teaser Trailer
2-May-2012 AoD Public Beta Release 2 Available
20-Apr-2012 Age of Decadence Win A Pre-Order Copy Contest
3-Apr-2012 Age of Decadence Preorders Begin
30-Mar-2012 Age of Decadence March Update
26-Mar-2012 Age of Decadence Demo Preview @ Gamebanshee
22-Mar-2012 Age of Decadence Demo Released
26-Feb-2012 Age of Decadence February Update
23-Dec-2011 Age of Decadence December Update
14-Nov-2011 Age of Decadence November Update
4-Oct-2011 Age of Decadence October Update
7-Sep-2011 Age of Decadence September Update
10-Aug-2011 Age of Decadence August Update
8-Jul-2011 Age of Decadence July Update
6-Jul-2011 RPG Italia meets Vince D. Weller
16-Jun-2011 Age of Decadence June Update
4-May-2011 Age of Decadence May Update
8-Apr-2011 Age of Decadence April Update
24-Mar-2011 The Age of Decadence Interview
21-Jan-2011 The Age of Decadence Screenshots
20-Jan-2011 The Age of Decadence - Choices and Consequences
22-Oct-2010 The Key to Understanding Scars of War
2-Oct-2010 Scars Of War Gathers Reinforcements
27-Sep-2010 Text Adventures In The Age Of Decadence
20-Sep-2010 Cyclopean Canceled
15-Sep-2010 Age of Decadence Receives Some Polishing
11-Aug-2010 The Approach of Thursday is Inevitable
16-Jun-2010 Cyclopean Development Update
8-Feb-2010 Going Crazy for Cyclopean
30-Dec-2009 Age of Decadence Combat Demo - the Remix
26-Dec-2009 AoD demo released
2-Dec-2009 Cyclopean Updates
9-Oct-2009 Cyclopean Family Therapy Fanfiction
30-Jul-2009 Scars of War Lore Update
8-Jul-2009 Scars of War interview on Gamebanshee
13-Jun-2009 Cyclopean gets programmer on board
8-Jun-2009 Expect to get spoiled
19-May-2009 Cyclopean - Mr Green, in the library, with the candlestick
13-May-2009 AoD - Teaching Pollacks about the Apocalypse
2-May-2009 More Cyclopean Writing
1-May-2009 Iron Tower Merger Deal
30-Mar-2009 Age of Decadence - Big in France
14-Mar-2009 Cyclopean Interview From RPG France
2-Mar-2009 Age of Decadence - Defining RPGs Once Again
6-Feb-2009 A Taste of Cyclopean
22-Jan-2009 The Pleasures of Age of Decadence at RPS
1-Jan-2009 When a Magic Missile Just Isn't Enough
12-Dec-2008 Age of Decadence heading for the Big Leagues
13-Nov-2008 Cyclopean interactive dialogue preview
3-Nov-2008 Cyclopean character generator released
25-Oct-2008 Age of Decadence at No Continues
25-Oct-2008 Cyclopean Update
13-Oct-2008 Age of Decadence Journeys Through Zamedi
8-Oct-2008 Our own Cyclopean interview
11-Sep-2008 Cyclopean announced
2-Sep-2008 New Age of Decadence screens
10-Jun-2008 Let's Play AoD the Third
7-May-2008 VD vs the Old Republic
23-Apr-2008 The Codex interviews Vince D. Weller
1-Apr-2008 Vince D. Weller interviewed at Down the Wall
17-Mar-2008 Let's Play Age of Decadence!
28-Feb-2008 Vince D Weller on Non-Combat Gameplay
15-Feb-2008 Random Gnomes interrogate Vault Dweller
1-Feb-2008 Age of Decadence interview on Rock Paper Shotgun
25-Dec-2007 Age of Decadence: a new combat video
24-Nov-2007 Iron Tower Studio forums open
1-Oct-2007 AoD locations at RPG Watch
30-Jul-2007 Age of Decadence Combat Peek at RPGVault
6-Dec-2006 RPG Vault says - bring out the commie in you!
6-Sep-2006 Commies back AoD
31-Aug-2006 New Age of Decadence interview -- Vince D. Weller still at large

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