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Colony Ship RPG

Colony Ship RPG

Articles associated with this tag:

30-Dec-2017 The New World Update #22: Faction Leaders Overview
21-Nov-2017 The New World Update #21: Grenades & Headgear
13-Oct-2017 The New World Update #20: Crossing The Factory
24-Sep-2017 The New World Update #19: The Mutants
23-Aug-2017 The New World Update #18: Systems Overview, Second Iteration
20-Aug-2017 Vault Dweller interviewed about The New World and more at GoHa.Ru
16-Jul-2017 The New World Update #17: Status Report, Art Pipeline Overview
29-Jun-2017 The New World Update #16: Unreal Engine Report
10-Jun-2017 Vault Dweller talks about life and The New World at RPGNuke
3-Jun-2017 The New World Update #15: Official Title, Stealth System Overview
12-May-2017 Colony Ship RPG Update #14: Gadgets & Grenades
5-Apr-2017 Colony Ship RPG Update #13: Welcome To The Pit
14-Feb-2017 Colony Ship RPG Update #12: The Protectors' Enclave
11-Jan-2017 Colony Ship RPG Update #11: Systems Overview
25-Dec-2016 Colony Ship RPG Update #10: Companions Overview
16-Nov-2016 Colony Ship RPG Update #9: Locations Overview
26-Oct-2016 Colony Ship RPG Update #8: The Jackson Riflemen
19-Jul-2016 Colony Ship RPG Update #7: Iron Tower Studio Design Principles
17-Jun-2016 Colony Ship RPG Update #6: Factions Overview
18-May-2016 Colony Ship RPG Update #5: Making a New RPG, Combat and Stealth
22-Apr-2016 Colony Ship RPG Update #4: Main Quest Design, Progress Report
13-Mar-2016 Colony Ship RPG Update #3: Development Timetable, Systems Changes
16-Feb-2016 Colony Ship RPG Update #2: Design Goals, Mechanics
27-Jan-2016 Colony Ship RPG Update #1: Setting, Character System
29-Nov-2015 Age of Decadence Post-Release Update #2: More on the Dungeon Crawler and Colony Ship Projects
23-Oct-2015 Age of Decadence Post-Release Update #1: 10,000 copies sold, upcoming updates and future projects

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