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Bubbles In Memoria

All funds raised in this special campaign will be sent to Bubbles as a thank you for his contributions.

2016 took a lot of lives with it. One of those was our much beloved content contributor named Bubbles, who sadly popped in late 2016. At the time, we had already discussed doing a fundraiser for him:

Bubbles your pics are shit quality. Jesus Christ, how much do you need for a decent camera next year? I think we need to do a fundraiser.
Crooked Bee
Yeah, I think even mid-priced phones have better cameras these days.
Nobody said that they cared about picture quality last year. Gave you plenty of time to complain :M

And Gamescom is about the only time I ever take pictures myself, so buying a new phone with a look to its camera qualty would be a total waste for me.

But I want to say that I understand the criticisms, and I acknowledge that they're not front page quality. I've taken down the pictures; we can use Jarl's material and high res stock photos instead. We might ask Josh to take a new one himself; I think he might be open to that, and it would seem less unprofessional than posting such low res footage on the front page. If need be, we can publish the articles without pictures.
Don't be dramatic. The photos will look fine when they're sized down smaller, which is how everybody will see them.
I know, I just wanted to annoy the people who complained. After 9 hours and three straight days of covering video games, the last thing I need to see is "ruh roh shit pics". You had a year to request any improvements after the last Gamescom; if you want to spring for photography classes and a professional camera + tripod for next time, be my guest.
We will be your guest, Bubbles. We will be your guest.

All funds raised by this campaign - which will only be open for the month of Jan - will be sent to Bubbles, so that he can finally get those much needed photography classes, a decent camera, and possibly a tripod (or cheap Mexican who can follow him around and keep the camera steady).

Campaign Started: 2-Jan-2017
Campaign End: 1-Feb-2017

Campaign Target: $1,000.00
Raised: $503.62

By donating to this campaign, you will receive 6 potato for every $1 USD you contribute.
You can spend potato to buy goodies on the Codex such as ad-free time.

This campaign has finished!

Donor List

NOTE: Only "completed" payments are listed below. If you are logged in, extra details will be available (shown only to you when you hover over them) for any payments you've made. A + denotes a payment made by someone other than the recipient listed, a * indicates an anonymous donation. Some payments (such as e-cheques) may take a few days before they appear. Donors are sorted by total amount donated (highest first), then by date (oldest first).

# Name Date $$$
1 Nekot-The-Brave 4-Jan-2017
2 Plane Escapee 2-Jan-2017
3 VentilatorOfDoom 12-Jan-2017
4 Prime Junta 3-Jan-2017
5 Ippolit 4-Jan-2017
6 <3sRichardSimmons 19-Jan-2017
7 PhantasmaNL 8-Jan-2017
8 Yaar Podshipnik 16-Jan-2017
9 Junmarko 27-Jan-2017
10 Azrael the cat 3-Jan-2017
^ 20.00 - Donate more than $20.00 to get your name in the Top #10
11 thesheeep 12-Jan-2017
12 Xzylvador 10-Jan-2017
13 Riddler 3-Jan-2017
14 Bankmannen 3-Jan-2017
15 Bumvelcrow 3-Jan-2017
16 Cromelyn 6-Jan-2017
17 SausageInYourFace 6-Jan-2017
18 Morality Games 8-Jan-2017
19 Jick Magger 9-Jan-2017
20 shihonage 25-Jan-2017
^ 10.00 - Donate more than $10.00 to get your name in the Top #20
21 Zzz 29-Jan-2017
22 Taka-Haradin puolipeikko 2-Jan-2017
23 Tramboi 3-Jan-2017
24 Szioul 26-Jan-2017
25 Marten Broadcloak 29-Jan-2017
26 jcd 4-Jan-2017
27 felipepepe 5-Jan-2017
28 MicoSelva 14-Jan-2017
TOTAL: $531.00
FEES¹: - $27.38
NET: $503.62
¹Fees are as reported by PayPal.

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