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Active Campaigns

Donate to one of our campaigns and receive special tags and bonuses.

2018 - Grab the Codex by the pussy!

Here's your chance to contribute to the ongoing decline.


Raised: $1,080 of $6,000

Campaign Started: 1-Jan-2018

Campaign Ending: 1-Jan-2019

Previous Campaigns

Listed below are old campaigns we've run that are no longer active.

2017 - Make the Codex Great Again!

Every year we have a standing fundraiser so you can gib us monies and such.


Raised: $1,941 of $6,000

Campaign Started: 1-Feb-2017

Campaign Ending: 1-Jan-2018

Pathfinder: Kingmaker Codex Fundraiser

Raise money for Pathfinder: Kingmaker


Raised: $4,155 of $5,000

Campaign Started: 11-Jul-2017

Campaign Ending: 10-Aug-2017

Pillows of Eternity 2: Sawyer's Dream Pet RPG

Put dollars into PoE2: Deadfire


Raised: $2,836 of $2,750

Campaign Started: 9-Feb-2017

Campaign Ending: 12-Mar-2017

Beautifully Desolate Campaign

Raise monies for moar point-and-click adventure games


Raised: $2,331 of $2,199

Campaign Started: 1-Feb-2017

Campaign Ending: 18-Feb-2017

Bubbles In Memoria

All funds raised in this special campaign will be sent to Bubbles as a thank you for his contributions.


Raised: $504 of $1,000

Campaign Started: 2-Jan-2017

Campaign Ending: 1-Feb-2017

2016 - The Age of Grimoire

New year, new campaign! Help DU buy hookers and drugs pay for the server and sending people to game conventions.


Raised: $1,910 of $6,000

Campaign Started: 1-Jan-2016

Campaign Ending: 1-Jan-2017

PC RPG Website of the Year, 2015

Donate to the RPG Codex, PC RPG website of the year!


Raised: $2,408 of $6,000

Campaign Started: 1-Jan-2015

Campaign Ending: 31-Dec-2015

BattleTech Fundraiser

Get our name in the credits and piss twitterers off!


Raised: $1,694 of $1,000

Campaign Started: 6-Oct-2015

Campaign Ending: 2-Nov-2015

Divinely Sinning for an Original Sequel

Help us get rpgcodex name in the credits!


Raised: $11,443 of $10,000

Campaign Started: 28-Aug-2015

Campaign Ending: 30-Sep-2015

Shadowrun: Hong Kong Fundraiser

Let's raise $2,500 $3,000 for Shadowrun: Hong Kong


Raised: $3,360 of $3,000

Campaign Started: 14-Jan-2015

Campaign Ending: 14-Feb-2015

Incline 2014

Are you a bad enough dude to donate to the Codex?


Raised: $1,685 of $6,000

Campaign Started: 1-Jan-2014

Campaign Ending: 31-Dec-2014

16GB Codex Troll USB 3.0 2014

Donate $30 USD for your very own 16 GB Codex Troll USB 3.0 (price includes postage)!


Raised: $2,826 of $2,875

Campaign Started: 14-Sep-2014

Campaign Ending: 22-Oct-2014

A whale of a time in Staglands

Help us get our Codexian creativity into the Staglands KickStarter.


Raised: $1,519 of $1,500

Campaign Started: 31-Mar-2014

Campaign Ending: 21-Apr-2014

Potato 2013

Donate Codex, get potato!


Raised: $2,200 of $6,000

Campaign Started: 15-Mar-2013

Campaign Ending: 31-Dec-2013

Divinity: The Sin of KS'ing Early

Larian fucked up and launched their KS early. Donate to it anyway!


Raised: $11,328 of $10,000

Campaign Started: 28-Mar-2013

Campaign Ending: 12-May-2013

Tides of Numbers KickStarter

Want to see us load that new Torment game up with stupid Codex memes? Donate now!


Raised: $4,955 of $5,000

Campaign Started: 15-Mar-2013

Campaign Ending: 28-Apr-2013

Server Slush Fund 2012

Help us get a new Codex server!


Raised: $4,405 of $5,000

Campaign Started: 7-Dec-2012

Campaign Ending: 6-Jan-2013

Project Eternity: Warriors of Diversity

Donate to Project: Eternity, the new popamole RPG currently under development by Obsidian Entertainment.


Raised: $9,420 of $5,000

Campaign Started: 21-Sep-2012

Campaign Ending: 17-Oct-2012

Let's raise $5,000 for Dead State

Spread the Codex love for Dead State.


Raised: $1,354 of $5,000

Campaign Started: 11-Jun-2012

Campaign Ending: 5-Jul-2012

Codexian Wasteland 2 Location + Statue Fund-Raising Drive

Help us score an in-game location and statue in Wasteland 2.


Raised: $10,295 of $5,000

Campaign Started: 14-Mar-2012

Campaign Ending: 28-Mar-2012

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