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The Archetypes of Shadowrun Returns Explained at Game Informer

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The Archetypes of Shadowrun Returns Explained at Game Informer

Game News - posted by Zed on Thu 3 January 2013, 00:00:04

Tags: Harebrained Schemes; Shadowrun Returns

Game Informer has an article up with details on the character archetypes of Shadowrun Returns. There's the Mage, the Street Samurai, the Decker, the Shaman, the Rigger and the Physical Adept. Note the use of 'archetypes' rather than 'classes':

“Shadowrun is a classless system, meaning that players are not restricted to a single character development path,” explains creative director Jordan Weisman, also one of the original architects of the Shadowrun universe. “Rather, players start with a representative Shadowrun character archetype and are then free to grow their character as they wish, spending Karma points to choose any skill or ability available in the game.” We’ve highlighted each of the foundational archetypes below, but each one is just a starting point. You’ll be able to mix and combine abilities from any archetype you like when you play the game. ​

Game Informer is running a special on the game next month so hopefully there will be some additional info then.

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