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BoA sucks, says PC Gamer

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BoA sucks, says PC Gamer

Review - posted by Vault Dweller on Sat 21 August 2004, 18:40:38

Tags: Blades of Avernum; Spiderweb Software

I got PC Gamer to see that BG3 info and noticed a short Blades of Avernum review, trashing "rehashed gameplay, leveling mechanics, and inventory management". The final verdict is 50%. Here is a snipet:

The one potentially cool feature is the ability to alter the plot by the choices you make. For instance, you may be sent out to vanquish some rebels, but after hearing their plight, you can choose to join them. Still, without an engaging, cohesive take backing it up, ita ll feels flat and lifeless

Potentially? POTENTIALLY cool feature?!!! Fucking morons!

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