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AppleLinks reviews Blades of Avernum

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AppleLinks reviews Blades of Avernum

Review - posted by Vault Dweller on Mon 10 May 2004, 15:35:49

Tags: Blades of Avernum; Spiderweb Software

Apple Links posted a short review of Blades of Avernum giving it 4/5.

In my opinion, far too many game developers don't know what role-playing means. They release games with "role-playing elements," when what they really mean is "the ability to spend skill points and/or use different armor and weapons." The Exile trilogy and the updated Avernum trilogy remain a shining example of what role-playing is really about...with just one tiny problem: the games end. When they do, you leave behind fascinating worlds with histories and people that can be found nowhere else. Blades of Avernum changes that by giving you the ability to play in adventures others have created, as well as the ability to make your own adventures for others to play
Can't argue with "far too many game developers don't know what role-playing means" part

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