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The World of Arcanum - interactive map

Discussion in 'General RPG Discussion' started by 3dh, Apr 23, 2012.

  1. Carceri Arcane

    Jul 3, 2007
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    Cool. I was thinking about replaying Arcanum anyway, but now I'm certain I will.
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  2. 3dh Educated

    Mar 1, 2012
    + French version.

    I have a request to the people of France and Russia. Please let us know if you find a mistake in the names.

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  3. Kz3r0 Arcane

    May 28, 2008
    Here's my version, in italian maps articles are usually omitted so I am going to remove all the THEs and As when unneeded, for special names I will let them unaltered or I will try to make them more 'Italian' sounding, between parentheses are the actual translation of special names, is up to you to decide to use them or not:

    A Lair of Gyr Dolours = Covo di Gyr Dolours( Spiazzo di Erica Dolorosa o delle Ricorrenti Tristezze Would be the literal translation).

    A Mysterious Location = Località Misteriosa

    Ancient Maze = Antico Labirinto

    Ancient Ruins = Antiche Rovine

    Ancient Shipwreck = Antico Naufragio

    Ancient Temple = Antico Tempio

    Ashbury = Ashbury (Cenere Sepolta)

    Arbalah's House = Casa di Arbalah

    Black Root = Black Root (Radice Nera)

    Boat Landing on Thanatos = Approdo Navale su Thanatos

    Bolo's Altar = Altare di Bolo

    Broken Cathedral = Cattedrale Diroccata

    Caladon = Caledon (obvious reference to Caledonia, Scotland)

    Cattan = Cattan

    Crash Site = Sito dello Schianto

    Dark Elf Camp = Accampamento degli Elfi Oscuri

    Dernholm Capital of Cumbria = Dernholm Capitale di Cumbria

    Dungeon of the Dragon Pool = Segreta dellla Fonte del Drago

    Elven Ruins = Rovine Elfiche

    Falcon's Ache = Il Dolore del Falco

    Forbidden Pit = Fosso Proibito

    Gateway to the Wastes = Passaggio per le Lande Desolate

    Glimmering Forest = Foresta Luccicante

    Gorgoth Pass = Passo di Gorgoth

    Grey Mountains = Montagne Grige

    Half-ogre Island = Isola dei Mezz' Orchi

    Hardin's Pass = Passo di Hardin

    Isle of Despair = Isola della Disperazione

    K'na Tha = K'na Tha

    Kerlin's Altar = Altare di Kerlin

    Kree = Kree

    Land Bridge = Ponte di Terra

    Lethe Wyvern Sighting = Avvistamento della Viverna del Lete

    Liam's Worshop = Laboratorio di Liam

    Morbihan Plains = Pianure di Morbihan

    Mysterious Ruins of the Wastes = Rovine Misteriose delle Lande Desolate

    Nasrudin's Resting Place = Luogo dell' Ultimo Riposo di Nasrudin

    Old Blind Master's House = Casa del Vecchio Maestro Cieco

    Old Lagoon = Vecchia Laguna

    Qintarra = Qintarra

    Razors Pointe = Punta dei Rasoi

    Roseborough = Roseborough (Borgo della Rosa)

    Ruins of Szabo = Rovine di Szabo

    Secret Entrance to the Iron Clan = Entrata Segreta al clan del Ferro

    Secret Village = Villaggio Segreto

    Shades Beach = Spiaggia delle Ombre

    Shrouded Hills = Shrouded Hills (Colline Velate)

    Simon Fahrkhus' Shack = Baracca di Simon Fahrkhus

    Small Cmp = Piccolo Accampamento

    Small Pond = Piccolo Stagno

    Stillwater = Stillwater (Acquaferma)

    Stonecutter Clan = Clan Tagliapietre

    Stonewall Range(a reference to Stonewall Riots perhaps?) = Catena delle Pareti Pietrose or, more literally, della Parete di Pietra

    Strange Ceremony = Strana Cerimonia

    Strange Pond = Stano Stagno

    Stringy Pete's Cove = Cala di Stringy Pete or Cala di Pietro lo Smilzo

    Stringy Pete's Treasure = Tesoro di Stringy Pete or Tesoro di Pietro lo Smilzo

    T'sen-ang = T'sen-ang

    Tarant = Tarant(the english name of the city of Taranto, lol)

    Thanatos = Thanatos

    The Bangellian Deeps = I Tremendi Abissi (Bangellian is an english adjectivated German word that means fearsome)

    The Bedokaan Village = Villaggio Bedokaan

    The Black Mountain Mines = Miniere della Montagna Nera

    The Bog = Acquitrino

    The Castle of S'nel N'fa = Castello di S'nel N'fa

    The Cold Place = Luogo Gelido

    The Fan Graveyard = Cimitero dei Fan

    The house of Maximilian = Casa di Maximilian

    The Lair of Bellerogrim = Tana di Bellerogrim

    The Lair of Bogaroth = Tana di Bogaroth

    The Pit of Fires = Abisso dei Fuochi

    The Place of Lost Voices = Luogo delle Voci Perdute

    The Poachers' Camp = Accampamento dei Bracconieri

    The Ruby Glade = Radura del Rubino

    The Williamson Homestead(a reference to Ken and Rebecca Williams?) = Fattoria Williamson

    The Women's Camp = Accampamento delle Donne

    The World of Arcanum as Presented by Troika Cartography Associates = Il Mondo di Arcanum Come Presentato da Troika Cartografi Associati

    Thieves' Cave = Caverna dei Ladri

    Torg's Altar = Altare di Torg

    Torin Quarry = Cava di Turin (very similar to the name of the city of Torino)

    Tulla = Tulla

    Uncharted Cave = Caverna Inesplorata

    Vendigroth Ruins = Rovine di Vendigroth

    Vendigroth Wastes = Desolazione di Vendigroth or Lande Desolate di Vendigroth

    Village of the Ashlag Tribe = Villaggio della Trib├╣ Ashlag

    Vollinger's Meeting Place = Luogo d'Incontro con Vollinger

    Vooriden = Vooriden

    Wheel Clan = Clan della Ruota

    Wolf's Cave = Caverna del Lupo
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  4. 3dh Educated

    Mar 1, 2012
    Thanks Kz3r0.

    + Italian version. Alternative link: Italian.

    I have not used these entries:

    Glimmering Forest = Foresta Luccicante
    Grey Mountains = Montagne Grige
    Morbihan Plains = Pianure di Morbihan
    Stonewall Range(a reference to Stonewall Riots perhaps?) = Catena delle Pareti Pietrose or, more literally, della Parete di Pietra

    And in these I used the English names:

    Ashbury (Cenere Sepolta), Black Root (Radice Nera), Roseborough (Borgo della Rosa), Shrouded Hills (Colline Velate), Stillwater (Acquaferma)
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  5. Krraloth Liturgist Patron

    Nov 20, 2009
    Wasteland 2
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  6. .Pixote. Educated

    May 6, 2012
    I could never work out how to get there, goddammit I thought I had done everything...back to Arcanum to try again.
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  7. Deadeye Dragoon Scholar

    Deadeye Dragoon
    Jul 16, 2009
    What the hell you son of a bitch? :p I've never found or heard of the fan's graveyard, or seen a more comprehensive map. Just updated my original game map with coordinates. Good Job BUD! My only slight complaint is that the tooltip often didn't last long enough for me to record both coordinates on my map, plus in order to redo the tooltip I'd first have to go to another coord. Maybe bump the delay about five seconds, or eliminate it?

    You very nearly made me start another game. Then I remembered the combat and saw in my mind dozens of hours of horribleness only slightly interspersed with great story and scale. Then I almost slit my wrists realizing that this otherwise awesome RPG dissuades me/anyone from playing it because it fucking sucked in one area that unfortunately couldn't easily/obviously be sidestepped.

    Uh, but yeah, overall response is: Great Amazing Map 3DH, gonna help me get my pump on next Arcanum run-through!
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  8. 3dh Educated

    Mar 1, 2012
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