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Feb 25, 2017 at 6:40 PM
Jun 14, 2007
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Feb 16, 1983 (Age: 34)
São Paulo - Brasil
Student/Computer Programmer


betthurt, Mudcrab, 34, from São Paulo - Brasil

I can't believe, I had this signature since the beginning of the year, and I had written "Start" instead of "Star". Embarrassing. :oops: Apr 6, 2012

Alex was last seen:
Feb 25, 2017 at 6:40 PM
    1. ManjuShri
      Give us a write-up of your time in the monastery, Alex! Anything like Into Great Silence?
    2. Burning Bridges
      Burning Bridges
      Alex some fantastic stuff in the "we dont exist as individuals" thread
    3. Sankarihauta
      Is that you NemesisGal? I have something to share if it is. formerly Prosper/Crojipjip
      1. Alex
        Sorry, Prosper. I am just a guy who happens to like architecture themed food. And maybe food theme construction materials, though that is something far more rare.
        Dec 16, 2015
    4. Darth Roxor
      Darth Roxor
      Hail Satan
      1. root has licked this person's delicious asshole.
      2. Goat Vomit
        Goat Vomit
        Hail Seitan
        Aug 8, 2015
      3. root
        Heila(?) Selassie!
        Aug 8, 2015
      4. Alex
        I think you might have eaten the wrong kind of mushroom, Roxor...
        Aug 9, 2015
    5. DarkUnderlord
      Contact me to receive your Wasteland #1 GOG or Steam key! Or let me know if you don't want it.
      1. shiteatingnippledick has licked this person's delicious asshole.
    6. Cosmic Misogynerd
      Cosmic Misogynerd
      Did you finish your PnP game?
      1. Alex
        Oh crap, sorry! I forgot to reply to you last time I saw this message. Anyway, I more or less gave up on "The Star that Shone Blue", because the game was not going anywhere. It wasn't a total loss, because trying to make that game made me understand better how a certain style of game worked, but it also made me realize that I was pursuing too many objectives that are contradictory.
        Oct 30, 2013
      2. Alex
        I am still working on a game, somewhat similar in focus, but giving up the idea of being a "Dying Earth story". That is not to say I won't draw from that well, but I realize now that it would be silly to expect a game that focused on "problem solving" would be able to always keep to that style.
        Oct 30, 2013
      3. Cosmic Misogynerd
        Cosmic Misogynerd
        Bummer. But at least you are working on something else.
        Oct 30, 2013
    7. Excidium
      I want to be an Alex when I grow up~
      1. shiteatingnippledick, Pipeweed and Satori have licked this person's delicious asshole.
      2. Excidium
        But I'll still show up on IRC from time to time.
        Mar 8, 2013
    8. Alex
      I can't believe, I had this signature since the beginning of the year, and I had written "Start" instead of "Star". Embarrassing. :oops:
    9. Alex
      Finally found a good avatar.
    10. Alex
      Aparently Sillelak has dibs on the Batlin avatar from SI, and I am pretty sure I have seen someone with the one from BG.
    11. Alex
      I am a little bit confused about this new forum software... Is this thing I am writing in right now like that Twitter thing?
      1. shihonage
        Looks like it. But there's no "recent posts" option. Unless you're following someone. Weird.
        Dec 28, 2011
      2. Alex
        You can comment on them too!? Surely DU is trolling us.
        Dec 28, 2011
      3. shihonage
        Hey I can now "twit" about small-time Shelter thoughts without trolling the main thread and misleading people into thinking there was a serious update.
        Dec 28, 2011
        Pipemen has licked this person's delicious asshole.
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    Feb 16, 1983 (Age: 34)
    São Paulo - Brasil
    Student/Computer Programmer


    But if your eye be evil, your whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in you be darkness, how great is that darkness!
    Matthew 6:23​

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