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Pietro Aretino:Lustful Sonnets.

Discussion in 'Codex Public Library' started by Kz3r0, Nov 24, 2009.

  1. Kz3r0 Arcane

    May 28, 2008
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    I decided, with my bad English , to give a try to translate this very Codexian poetry.

    Fottiamci, anima mia, fottiamci presto
    perché tutti per fotter nati siamo;
    e se tu il cazzo adori, io la potta amo,
    e saria il mondo un cazzo senza questo.

    Fuck each other , my dear soul, haste fuck each other
    because us all to fuck are born;
    and if you adore the cock, the cunt I love,
    and without this the world will be a fuck.

    E se post mortem fotter fosse onesto,
    direi: Tanto fottiam, che ci moiamo;
    e di là fotterem Eva e Adamo,
    che trovarno il morir sì disonesto.

    And if Post Mortem to fuck would be honest
    I will say:So much we fuck, that we die;
    and over there we will fuck Adam and Eve,
    that found to die so improper.

    - Veramente egli è ver, che se i furfanti
    non mangiavan quel frutto traditore,
    io so che si sfoiavano gli amanti.

    Truly is true, that if the rascals
    didn't eat that treacherous fruit,
    I know that the lovers would have been crazy with lust.

    Ma lasciam'ir le ciance, e sino al core
    ficcami il cazzo, e fà che mi si schianti
    l'anima, ch'in sul cazzo or nasce or muore;

    But let's the chatter go, and deep to the core
    thrust in me the cock, and make my soul
    burst, who's on the cock that now born now dies.

    e se possibil fore,
    non mi tener della potta anche i coglioni,
    d'ogni piacer fortuni testimoni

    and if possible don't leave me out the testes from the cunt,
    of every pleasure fortunate witnesses.


    This version of the sonnets is based on the 1526 edition printed in 1986.

    Edit 2:
    Slightly changed the previous translation.
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  2. Reject_666_6 Liturgist

    Oct 30, 2008
    Here's what google translate says:

    Fottiamci, my soul, fottiamci soon
    because we are all born to Potter;
    and if you adore his cock, I love potta,
    Saria and the world without this shit.
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  3. Kz3r0 Arcane

    May 28, 2008
    U sirius?
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  4. Reject_666_6 Liturgist

    Oct 30, 2008
    Whose poem is this? I'm now curious about her(?) other work.

    Never mind, I just read the thread title again.
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  5. Kz3r0 Arcane

    May 28, 2008
    Mettimi un dito in cul, caro vecchione,
    e spinge il cazzo dentro a poco a poco;
    alza ben questa gamba a far buon gioco,
    poi mena senza far reputazione.

    Put a finger in my butt, dear old jack,
    and push the cock inside bit by bit;
    lift well this leg to have good sport,
    after that trill without repute.

    Che, per mia fé! quest'è il miglior boccone
    che mangiar il pan unto appresso al foco;
    e s'in potta ti spiace, muta luoco,
    ch'uomo non è chi non è buggiarone.

    On my faith! this is a better morsel
    than eating buttered bread nigh to the fireplace,
    and if in the cunt displeases you, change place,
    that is not a man who isn't a bugger.

    - In potta io v'el farò per questa fiata,
    in cul quest'altra, e in potta e in culo il cazzo
    mi farà lieto, e voi farà beata.

    - In the cunt I will stick to you with this blow,
    in the bum with this other, and in the cunt and in the bum the cock
    will make me happy, and you merry.

    E chi vuol essre gran maestro è pazzo
    ch'è proprio un uccel perde giornata,
    chi d'altro che di fotter ha sollazzo.

    And who wants to be a great master is a loon
    really is a dick that wastes his day
    who other than of fucking has satisfaction.

    E crepi in un palazzo,
    ser cortigiano, e spetti ch'il tal muoja:
    ch'io per me spero sol trarmi la foja.

    And sir courtesan
    can rot in a palace, and the others wait that he will die:
    That I only hope to work off my lust.

    Slightly changed the previous translation.
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  6. poocolator Arbiter

    Jun 25, 2008
    The Order of Discalced Codexian Convulsionists
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  7. ElectricOtter Scholar

    Jun 13, 2009
    a broken glass bottle full of rooms
    wyrmlordian fapping material?
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  8. Kz3r0 Arcane

    May 28, 2008
    Questo cazzo vogl'io, non un tesoro!
    Questo è colui, che mi può far felice!
    Questo è proprio un cazzo da Imperatrice!
    Questa gemma val più ch'un pozzo d'oro

    This cock I want, not a treasure!
    This is the one, that can make me happy!
    This is really a cock worth of an Empress!
    This gem is worth more than a well of gold

    Ohimè, mio cazzo, ajutami, ch'io moro
    e trova ben la foia in matrice:
    in fin, un cazzo picciol si disdice,
    se in potta osservar vuole il decoro.

    Alas, my cock, help me, that I'm dying
    and well find the estrus in uterus:
    in the end, a little cock is improper,
    if in the cunt it wants to observe the decorum.

    - Padrona mia, voi dite ben il vero;
    che chi ha piccol il cazzo e in potta fotte
    meritera d'acqua fredda un cristero.

    -My mistress, you well speak the truth;
    that who has little the cock and in the cunt fucks
    well he'll deserve of cold water an enema.

    Chi n'ha poco, in cul fotti dì e notte:
    ma chi l'ha come ch'io spietato e fiero,
    sbizzarrischisi sempre colle potte.

    Who has little of it, in the bum fucks, night and day:
    but who has it as me, merciless and fierce,
    always wildly its whims indulge with the cunts.

    - Gli è ver, ma noi siam ghiotte
    del cazzo tanto, e tanto ci par lieto,
    che terrem la guglia tutta drieto.

    -That's true, but we are gluttonous
    of the abundant cock, and abundantly please us
    that we will hold the gland all in the rear.


    Slightly changed the previous translation and added an image.
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  9. ElectricOtter Scholar

    Jun 13, 2009
    a broken glass bottle full of rooms
    oh god :lol:
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  10. Ghoulem Arbiter

    Dec 28, 2007
    The Forest
    Pietro Aretino is my hero. Everybody should read 'The secret life of nuns'. It is pure gold.
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  11. Freelance Henchman Arcane

    Freelance Henchman
    Sep 8, 2008
    Project: Eternity
    Everything sounds so melodic in Italian.
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  12. copx. Arcane

    Jul 18, 2004
    I saw an Italian the other day. Horrible creatures.
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  13. JarlFrank Medieval Barbarian Patron

    Jan 4, 2007
    卐 The Fourth Reich 卐
    Thanks for teaching me some new Italian words to use.
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  14. Kz3r0 Arcane

    May 28, 2008
    Posami questa gamba in su la spalla,
    et levami dal cazzo anco la mano,
    e quando vuoi ch'io spinga forte o piano,
    piano o forte col cul sul letto balla.

    Put this leg over my shoulder,
    and even take away the hand from the cock,
    and when you want that I push hard or slow,
    hard or slow rock your bum on the bed

    E s'in cul dalla potta il cazzo falla,
    dì ch'io sia un forfante e un villano,
    perch'io conosco dalla vulva l'ano,
    come un caval conosce una cavalla.

    And if from the butt to the cunt the cock fails,
    call me a scoundrel and a villain,
    because I know from the vulva the anus,
    like a horse know the mare.

    - La man dal cazzo no levarò io,
    non io, che non vo' far questa pazzia,
    e se non vuoi così, vatti con Dio.

    - The hand from the cock I will not leave,
    not me, that I'm not gonna do such insanity,
    and if this is not your will, Godspeed.

    Ch'el piacer dietro tutto tuo saria,
    ma dinanzi il piacer è tuo e mio,
    sicché, fotti a buon modo, o vanne via.

    That the pleasure in the rear all for you will be,
    but in the front the pleasure will be for you and for me,
    so, fuck the proper way, or go away..

    - Io non me n'anderia,
    signora cara, da così dolce ciancia,
    s'io ben credess campari il Re di Francia

    - I will not go away,
    dear lady, from such a sweet cheek,
    even if I would have good reason to believe
    that I will up to live like the French King.
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  15. Kz3r0 Arcane

    May 28, 2008
    Perch'io prov'or un sì solenne cazzo
    che mi rovescia l'orlo della potta,
    io vorrei esser tutta quanta potta,
    ma vorrei che tu fossi tutto cazzo.

    Because now I'm trying such a solemn cock
    that turns inside out the rim of my cunt,
    and I wanna be a cunt as a whole,
    but I would want you to be a cock as a whole.

    Perché, s'io fossi potta e tu cazzo,
    isfameria per un tratto la potta,
    e tu avresti anche dalla potta
    tutto il piacer che può aver un cazzo.

    Because if I would be cunt and you cock,
    for a tract the cunt would be feed,
    and you would have, from the cunt
    all the pleasure that a cock can have too.

    Ma non potendo esser tutta potta,
    né tu diventar tutto di cazzo,
    piglia il buon voler da questa potta.

    But can not I being all cunt,
    nor you become all cock,
    take your good fancy from this cunt.

    - E voi pigliate del mio poco cazzo
    la buona volontà: in giù la potta
    ficcate, e io in su ficcherò il cazzo;

    - And you, take of my scarce cock the good will:
    downwards stick the cunt ,
    and upwards the cock I will stick;

    e di poi su il mio cazzo
    lasciatevi andar tutta con la potta:
    e sarò cazzo, e voi sarete potta.

    and after that, on my cock,
    let yourself go all with your cunt:
    and I will be cock, and you will be cunt.

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  16. Trash Simply fabulous

    Dec 12, 2002
    About 8 meters beneath sea level.
    The artwork saves the thread.
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  17. Kz3r0 Arcane

    May 28, 2008
    Tu m'hai il cazzo in la potta, e il cul mi vedi
    e io veggio il tuo cul com'egli è fatto,
    ma tu potresti dir ch'io sono un matto,
    perch'io tengo le mani ove stanno i piedi.

    You have got my cock in the cunt, and my butt you see
    and I see yours and how is shaped,
    but you could say that I am a madman,
    because I placed the hands where the feet stay.

    - Ma s'a codesto modo fotter credi,
    sei una bestia, e non ti verrà fatto;
    perch'asssai meglio del fotter m'adatto,
    quando col petto sul mio petto siedi.

    -But if you think to fuck in such way,
    you are a beast, and you will not do;
    because much better to fuck I adapt,
    when on my boom with your bosom you seat.

    - Io vi vo' fotter per lettera, Comare,
    e voglio farvi al cul tante mamine
    co le dita, col cazzo, e col menare,

    - I'm going to fuck you by the letter, Godwife
    and I want to make many little marks on your butt
    with the fingers, with the cock, and with the trill.

    e sentirete un piacer senza fine.
    E so ben ch'è più dolce ch'il grattare
    da Dee, da Duchesse e da Regine;

    and you will feel a pleasure without end.
    And I know well that's sweeter than critting
    from Goddesses, from Dukesses and Queens;

    e mi direte al fine
    ch'io sono un valent'uomo in tal mestiero...
    Ma d'aver poco cazzo mi dispero.

    and in the end you will tell to me
    that I'm a valiant man in such job...
    But for having scarce cock I despair.
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  18. Gay-Lussac Liturgist

    Nov 24, 2007
    Your mom
    The foot up his ass is a nice touch
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  19. Kz3r0 Arcane

    May 28, 2008
    I am bumping this thread to ask for it to be moved to the Library.
    Someone got the same idea and decided to make a singing version of the Sonnets:


    Apri le coscie, acciò ch'io vegga bene
    il tuo bel culo e la tua potta in viso;
    culo da far mutar un cazzo d'aviso!

    Open your thighs so that I could clearly see
    in face your beautiful bum and cunt;
    a bum that would make a cock its opinion change!

    Potta che i cuori stilli per le vene.
    Mentre ch'io vi vagheggio egli mi viene
    capriccio di pasciarvi a l'improviso,
    e mi par esser più bel che Narciso
    nel specchio ch'il mio cazzo allegro tiene.

    Cunt that you make the hearts bleed through the veins.
    Meanwhile I contemplate you it comes to me
    improvise caprice of feeding you,
    and seems to me to be more beautiful than Narcissus
    in the mirror that my cock merry holds.

    - Ai ribalda, ai ribaldo in terra e in letto!
    Io ti veggio, puttana! e t'apparecchia,
    ch'io ti rompa doi costole del petto.

    -Ay ribald you, ay ribald him on the floor and in the bed!
    I see you, whore! and it prepares for you,
    that I will break you two ribs of the chest.

    - Io te n'incaco, franciosata, vecchia,
    che per questo piacere arciperfetto
    intrarei in un pozzo sanza secchia.

    -I don't give a shit about you, syphilitic, crone,
    that for this arch-perfect pleasure
    I will enter in a well without a bucket.

    E non si trova pecchia
    ghiotta dei fiori, com'io d'un nobil cazzo,
    e no 'l provo ancho, e per mirarlo sguazzo.

    And there is no bee
    gluttonous of flowers, as I am of a noble cock,
    and I don't feel it still, and for admiring it I gush.

    The image depicting this scene:
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  20. Monk Arbiter

    Feb 8, 2010
    The Jungle
    Very gooood. Moar, please.
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  21. Kz3r0 Arcane

    May 28, 2008
    Seems that other people had the same odd idea:


    Dammi la lingua, appunta i piedi al muro;
    stringi le coscie, e tienmi stretto, stretto;
    lasciat’ire a riverso in sul letto
    che d’altro che di fotter non mi curo.

    Give me the tongue, point the feet against the wall:
    tighten the thighs, and hold me tight, tight;
    Let yourself go with the back on the bed
    that other than fuck I don't care.

    Ai! Traditore! Quant’hai il cazzon duro!
    O! come? su la potta ci confetto!
    Un dì, tormelo in culo ti prometto,
    e di farlo uscir netto t’assicuro.

    Ay! Taritor! How hard you have that big cock!
    OH! how? with the cunt I have to marry!
    One day, of take it in the ass I promise you,
    and of making it coming out clean I assure you.

    - Io vi ringrazio cara Lorenzina,
    mi sforzerò servirvi; ma spingete,
    spingete come fa la Ciabattina.

    -I thank you dear Lawrencine,
    I will try my nest to serve you; but push,
    push like leaven does.

    o farò adesso, e voi quando farete?
    - Adesso! dammi tutta la linguina.
    Ch’io muojo. - Et io, e voi cagion ne sete;

    Oh, I will do now , and when you will do?
    -Now! give me all the pretty tongue.
    'Cause I die. - And I too, and you the cause are;

    adunque voi compirete?
    - Adesso, adesso faccio, Signor mio;
    Adesso ho fatto. Et io; ohimè! o Dio!

    As of now you would do?
    -Now, now I do, my Sir;
    Now I have done,And I; ahy! oh God!
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  22. felipepepe Prestigious Gentleman Codex's Heretic Patron

    Feb 2, 2007
    Terra da Garoa
    Wow, I pressed play expecting to hear something like Diablo Swing Orchestra, what a shock....I suppose that hearing such poetry sang on classic opera-style is a weird twist, but sadly most of it is lost if you don't have a good italian ear...:(
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  23. Kz3r0 Arcane

    May 28, 2008

    Ove il mettrete voi? Ditel’ di grazia,
    dietro o dinanzi? io vo’ ’l sapere,
    perché farovi forse dispiacere
    se nel cul me lo caccio per disgrazia.

    Where you will put it? Tell please,
    in the rear or in the front? I want to know it,
    because maybe I will displease you
    if in the butt I will drive it by disgrace.

    - Madonna, no, perché la potta sazia
    il cazzo sì che v’ha poco piacere,
    ma quel che faccio, il fo per non parere
    un Frate Mariano, verbi gratia.

    -Madam, no, because the cunt satisfies
    is that the cock there has little pleasure,
    but what I do, I do for not appear
    a Marian Friar, as by example.

    Ma poi ch’il cazzo in cul tutto volete
    come vogliono savi, io sono contento
    che voi fate del mio ciò che volete.

    But then that the cock all in the butt you want
    as wises want, I am happy
    that you do of mine what you want.

    E pigliatelo con man, mettetel’ dentro:
    che tanto utile al corpo sentirete,
    quanto che gli ammalati l’argomento.

    And take it with hand, put it inside:
    that so useful to the body you will feel it,
    As much as for the ill the ointment.

    E io tal gaudio sento
    a sentire il mio cazzo in mano a voi,
    ch’io morirò, se ci fottiam, fra noi.

    And I such joy I feel
    in sensing my cock in hand to you,
    that I will die, if we fuck each other, among us.

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  24. Kz3r0 Arcane

    May 28, 2008

    E saria pur una coglioneria
    sendo in voglia mia fottervi adesso,
    avervi col cazzo nella potta messo,
    del cul non mi facendo carestia.

    And it will be as such a dork thing
    being my will to fuck you now,
    having with the cock in the cunt placed you,
    of the bum not making me scarce.

    Finisca in me la mia genealogia!
    Ch’io vo’ fottervi dietro, spesso, spesso,
    poiché gli è più differente il tondo dal fesso
    che l’acquata dalla malvasia.

    Will end with me my lineage!
    That I will fuck you behind, often, often,
    because it's more different the round from the slit
    than watery wine from malmsey.

    - Fottimi e fa di me ciò che tu vuoi,
    in potta, in cul, ch’io me ne curo poco
    dove che tu ci facci i fatti tuoi.

    -Fuck me and do of me what you want,
    in the cunt, in the bum, that little I care
    where you do your business.

    Ch’io per me nella potta, in culo ho il foco,
    e quanti cazzi han muli, asini e buoi
    non scemeriano nella mia foia in poco.

    That for me in the cunt, in the bum I have the fire,
    and as many cocks have mules, donkeys and bulls
    they will not lessen in my ardor a little.

    Poi saresti in dapoco
    a farmelo all’antica tra le cosse,
    ch’anch’io dietro il faria, se uomo fosse.

    For you will be of little worth
    of doing it to me the old way between the thighs,
    that I too in the rear I'll do it, if a man I would be.
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  25. Kz3r0 Arcane

    May 28, 2008

    Questo è pur un bel cazzo lungo e grosso.
    Deh! se l’hai caro lasciamelo vedere
    - Vogliam provare se potete tenere
    questo cazzo in la potta, e me addosso.

    This is so a good cock big and long.
    Deh! if you treasure it let me see it
    - Do we want to try if you can yield
    this cock in the cunt and me charged on you.

    - Come, s’io vo’ provar? come, s’io posso?
    Piuttosto questo che mangiare o bere!
    - Ma s’io v’infrango poi, stando a giacere,
    farovi mal. - Tu hai ’l pensier del Rosso,

    - How, if I want to try? how, if I can?
    Rather this this than eat or drink!
    - But if I break you thereafter, staying to lay,
    I will hurt you. - You are mindful of the Red,

    Gettati pure in letto e nello spazzo
    sopra di me, che se Marforio fosse,
    o un gigante, io n’averò sollazzo,

    So throw yourself on the bed and the space
    over me, that if Marforio would be,
    or a giant, of it I will have disport,

    purché mi tocchi le midolla e l’osse
    con questo tuo divinissimo cazzo
    che guarisce le potte dalla tosse.

    as long as you will touch my bone and marrow
    with this divinest cock of yours
    tat cure cunts from the cough.

    - Aprite ben le cosse...
    Che potrian delle donne esser vedute
    di voi meglio vestite, ma non fottute.

    - Open well the thighs...
    That women could be seen
    better dressed than you, but not better fucked.
    Monk Brofists this.
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