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For a lack of better title: "Semi-Aquatic-Combat"

Discussion in 'What Remains' started by Surf Solar, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. Surf Solar cannot into womynz

    Surf Solar
    Jan 8, 2011
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    Right. Nice thread title, innit?

    Since I lately discovered there are some tricks to make sprites appear as if they are standing half waist in water with our engine we use, I did some first tests to see if it really looks ok and combat plus movement could be fun in it. Turns out it can! This got me really excited and together with some people who listen to my crappy ramblings about vapourware ideas to make the game even better, I have put together some ideas.

    "Water combat" - what could one expect of that? First, there is the "I am standing only thigh high in the water, nothin much can happen to m... *hhhhhnnnnnghhhhh*

    (primitive draft animation incoming, it will ofcourse look better when all is done)


    What happened in the supposed above picture is, the guy in leather jacket fights the two metal armor opponents (both Metal Armor Idiots wield a cattle prod, charged with electronical devices). Due to some insanely retarded failure, they all step into water. The Metal Armor woman fails a critical luck roll, electrocutes the water, her metal armor bro who has the same high fail chance for electro damage leans into the blow - the entire liquid area around them gets electro damage depending on his/her resistances. It's quite the fireworks for the leather armor guy, who was wise not to take such highly abusive armor for wet enviroments and took only half the damage.

    Then, there is ofcourse the penalties it gives you to move through such water. It takes 3 AP to move from one hex to the other. You cannot crouch or be prone as you know it from on ground What Remains. As WR takes place in an area largely filled ponds, lakes or rivers, this is not that much of an oddity. Chance of sneak success is halved, you can be hit on your arms and legs twice as good as on normal ground and your AC is lowered by 1/4 the maximum amount.

    The "electro" damage (other stats as "poison", "laser" etc) resistances are under developed. There will be much more juggling between "does this give me this bonus or that". Electro damage was the worst case in Fallout. Either it was full success on Robot enemies, or it was 0hp wasted turns on human enemies. This will go away. The more hi-tech equipment you carry, the more likely your electricity resistance is lowered. This is done by a new stat that I soon will reveal. :)

    This can, however, prove for interesting combat situations too. Think of that water bottle filled with clean liquid you just poured that gold into? Well, throw it at your enemy, let the bottle explode, make him "wet" and electrify the shit out of him. :)

    There will be similar treatments to other stats such as "explosive", "poison", "radiation", "laser", "plasma" and such. They all sucked in Fallout and barely made a difference. In WR; they will.

    Now, what's your opinion towards the changes?

    For late game purposes,underwater (plus vessels) combat is invetibale anyway, but I won't spoiler. :)
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  2. The Brazilian Slaughter Arcane

    The Brazilian Slaughter
    May 11, 2007
    Belém do Pará
    This is a interesting addition to the game that sets it diferently from usual Fallout games.
    All Fallout games are set in Desertic or desert-like enviroments (except Point Lookout DLC in FO3, but that never existed). Fallout 1 is set in California, a pretty desertic place. Fallout 2 happens in Northern California and Eastern Nevada, also desertic and quite mountanous. Even freaking Washington DC, which was once a know swampland, became desertic after the war. New Vegas is set in Nevada, which is essentially a big desert with some cities.

    What about water levels and different land consistency? There's a serious difference between fighting in a piddy feet-deep puddle and fighting half-submerged in water. There's also a difference in running or still water.

    Can water contain somekind dangerous substances? I'm thinking radiation and toxic chemicals.

    Can dangerous animals or humans with proper tech use the water to cloak themselves?

    Are we going to go underwater at some point? I'm getting a crazy vision of the PC donning a old scuba/diving suit, totting a harpoon gun/frog-man gun and going underwater to salvage a sunken pre-war facility full of tech, mutated critters and malfunctioning robots.

    This could make a more diverse gameplay style regarding itens and weaponry possible, in opposite to the usual Fallout route where you simply went from sticks and bad pistols until you're all decked out like a friggin' Brotherhood Paladin with all that Power Armor, hi-tech guns and stuff. I could see somewhat of a "Swamp Warrior" character using more sophisticated versions of usual weapons (guns, spears, knives, normal armor), yet abstaining from depending on hi-tech equipment that will fritz out from water.

    Alternatively, a good Repair/Science character could take care to try and waterproof his equipment, perhaps seeking pre-war facilities to find the necessary data on how to do so, perhaps even creating some tech for better fighting underwater. Of course, such thing should be hard and demanding, I think, or it will be just a matter of crafting Water Proof Everything and roflpwning the world.

    Nice, they need more meaning, methinks.
    I hated how lasers sucked in the original Fallout games, for starters. Someone botched the DR and DT numbers and it made Lasers complete crap, I can't stand to play Fallout 2 without modding it out anymore.
    I have been playing New Vegas and although I like that game, I think they banalysed energy weapons. Every other Fiend ganger totes a laser rifle... That makes no sense. How a bunch of chaotic gangers and druggies can get their hands on hi-tech laser weaponry and the ammo and parts to keep it working? Even Legion only uses common firearms, and NCR Military is almost all firearms, and the NCR has the most advanced industry in the Core Region outside of the Brotherhood. Worst thing, lasers don't scare me. In the original Fallouts, Laser Pistols always sucked, but Laser Rifles were pretty deadly and fighting a enemy toting one of those without proper armor was certain death. They weren't ganger weapons, but weapons wielded by dangerous foes like Super Mutants. Tactics also had pretty good lasers too.

    Poison is problematic, because its either easy-solveable, rare or neglibible. In NV, if you get poisoned (fucking Cazadores) you're fucked if you walk around without antidote, so anyone sane always has some antidote around, which is magical and instantly cures you no matter how many Cazador stings in the face you just took. In the original Fallouts, the only foes that poisoned you were Radscorpions and Floaters. (Golden Gecko can poison you, according to Smiley, but they don't poison you) Radscorpions were meh and antidote, if available, was rarely necessary, you could simply "tough it out" and heal until the poison goes away. The only truly dangerous poison attack I remember was being ganged-up by a bunch of Floaters. If you had nice armor and few NPCs, the Floaters would't scratch you, but they would keep knocking you down and poisoning you, then after you dispatch them, your character dies during travels because he got ridiculous ammounts of poison in his system.
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  3. Awor Szurkrarz Arcane In My Safe Space

    Awor Szurkrarz
    Dec 11, 2009
    Codex 2012
    It was EMP, not electro that hurt robots and not players.
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