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Incline Faeria

Discussion in 'The Gazebo' started by raw, Nov 5, 2016.

  1. raw Turbo Chad Patron

    Nov 1, 2008
    PC RPG Website of the Year, 2015
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    I am enjoying this game (Hearthstone Competitior): https://www.faeria.com/

    The game introduces a couple of cool concepts that make it quite strategic and fun to play:
    • You always get 3 mana ('faeria') per turn, making the game less RNG/luck dependant than games like MtG and Hearthstone.
    • Board Control. You play hexagonal land tiles each turn, the color of which is a requirement for some cards, and that actually act as land on a 6x6 hexagonal board. The board starts out being full water and the landscape evolves as you and your opponent play your lands. On the sides of the board are 4 mana wells, that give 1 mana per turn as long as you control an adjacant creature.
    • Likewise, many cards abilities play on altering the setup of lands etc. You must summon your creatures on a tile under your control and on a land of the creatures color (if any). A creature may fly, range, jump or swim additionally to being able to move across the tiles. Creatures can always move and attack per turn (but attacking voids moving). Spells and abiilties can move lands around.
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  2. da_rays Learned

    Jan 23, 2014
    Filthy Pub , Quebec City
    Look interesting, will give that a solid try when i found 1-2hours to inject into that. Gonna try to post some impression later. Thx OP for the find
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  3. Jaesun Fabulous Moderator Patron

    May 14, 2004
    Seattle, WA USA
    Torment: Tides of Numenera Divinity: Original Sin 2 BattleTech
    I'd probably like this... :shittydog:
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  4. da_rays Learned

    Jan 23, 2014
    Filthy Pub , Quebec City
    I think you might Jaesun , it make me feel like playing scroll and duelyst , except with an extra layer of strategy . Being able to build and influence the board is a nice touch. Currently doing the tutorial, concept is nice and easy to plunge into . On a personnal note i dont see this THAT much a competitor to Heartstone as i think it will draw attention to the less ''casual'' cards/boardgame hybrid players. But i could be mistaken , gonna finish that turorial and post some more impression

    OP pretty much nailed it on the description . Visual are nice and fluid, liking the style , but thats personnal opinion. Now lets see how the difficulty ramp up after the tutorial and if deckbuilding is fun/inventive .
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  5. Scrooge My husband is literally a cat Patron

    Mar 17, 2010
    Too far away from the sea
    Codex 2014 Shadorwun: Hong Kong Divinity: Original Sin 2
    How is the payment model? Is it fair? Or do you have to spend hundreds of moneyz to stay competitive?
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  6. Explorerbc Arcane

    Nov 22, 2012
    You can spend 50 euros and get the entire collection of cards. Or you can go f2p/semi-f2p and buy packs with gold/money like hearthstone.

    Edit: Seems like they might have removed that option
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  7. raw Turbo Chad Patron

    Nov 1, 2008
    PC RPG Website of the Year, 2015
    its a trading card game, so its pay to win.
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  8. da_rays Learned

    Jan 23, 2014
    Filthy Pub , Quebec City
    Well a bit more impressions after finishing a few tutorials fights and puzzles quests : Quite nice . cards are splitted into terrain type ( plain , forest , desert , mountain and water ) some have dual affinity. Plain card can be considered the colorless type, which can be mixed and matched to your liking in your 30 cards deck. Im playing mostly with dual deck , 2 terrain affinity and a bit of plain type cards to help along the way, Havent played VS other players yet but the AI is far from being fierce, but the speciial fight are somewhat nice. Anyone here is starting to have a nice collection? Ho and the option to reroll your best rarity card in treasure chest ( which are basically cards packs ) is kinda nice. Playing in the tutorial also unlock basic cards for each terrain type. So it might be better to go through the tutorial, get the basic cards of each terrain type unlocked and go from there to get a few treasure chest and try to reroll the rarest card to something better if its not in the terrain type you want to play first. for now , gold is going steady , 5 chest unlocked for now counting the 2 free one you get by validating your e mail.

    Having fun with my forest / mountain deck so far. going try building around the water and desert theme today. The exploration on deck building and card synergy is fun to dabble with for now.
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  9. raw Turbo Chad Patron

    Nov 1, 2008
    PC RPG Website of the Year, 2015
    on ladder and comp. play dual color generally stinks vs single color. green is considered the weakest color. everything above 2 color req. is hard to play and usually not worth it.
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  10. raw Turbo Chad Patron

    Nov 1, 2008
    PC RPG Website of the Year, 2015

    News / Strategy / Patch notes: November 22nd, 2016

    Patch notes: November 22nd, 2016

    Written by Abrakam | 11/22/2016

    We’ve dashed ahead and slammed an update into your Faeria client today. Solo content has been overhauled, keywords have been introduced, and we’re teasing the first 3 new cards!

    Solo Content Overhaul
    As we previewed in a Faeria Friday earlier this month, the Solo content is getting a major update this patch. The current content is being broken up into 12 “Quest Packs” (previously described as Acts). Each of the three lanes will now contain 4 of these Quest Packs. Out of those 12 Quest Packs, 6 will be entirely free while the remaining will need to be purchased. It is also worth mentioning that level requirements to unlock quests has been removed, but there does remain a level lock on lanes. Level 3 unlocks lane 2, and Level 5 unlocks lane 3. However, a player should have plenty of Solo quests available to unlock the extra lanes without having to leave the Solo experience.

    “How have the rewards changed?”

    Roughly speaking, we have more or less condensed all of the rewards from completing the previous Solo content model into the first 6 free Quest Packs. Yes, that means new players will now need to play about half as much Solo content to obtain an equivalent amount of gold and Battle Chests as before, ramping up their collection even faster than previously possible.

    The remaining 6 Quest Packs will be purchasable with 500 gold, or $1.99 each. Each purchasable Quest Pack will deliver further rewards as you progress through them, including an equivalent amount of Battle Chests for the purchase, extra gold, and experience. Check out a preview image of the Quest Packs here.

    “How will my previous progress be saved?”

    Your place within the Solo will be reevaluated based on where the quests you had progressed to went into the new Quest Packs. If you were at a stage that is now in a paid Quest Pack, this will be unlocked for free.

    Because of the complicated nature of these changes, we will be giving out compensatory gifts to current players who were partway through the previous Solo mode:

    1) If you have already completed all of the content in what are now the free Quest Packs, but not completed any of the content in the new paid Quest Packs, you will receive compensation worth 1000 Gold*.

    2) If you have completed all of the still-free content, and some of the paid content, you will be compensated with a package worth up to 1000 Gold*, depending on your previous progress

    3) If you have not progressed past the prologue, or have completed 100% of the previous version of Solo, you will receive no compensation (but all rewards earned previously are kept)

    *Compensation will be given in a mixture of Quest Packs, Battle Chests and Gold.

    “What’s next for the Solo content?”

    Needless to say, with this not being the final version of the Solo content, we have a lot of plans remaining to be executed. We’re not ready to share it all just yet, but we’re looking forward to making good use of the current lane system and provide ways to deliver a nearly endless amount of Solo content in the future.

    The model introduced in this update will be used as a foundation from this point on and allow us to begin working on some more really exciting stuff.

    We thank you for your patience during this Early Access period!

    Features and Updates
    • Updated In-game User Interface elements:
    Land count, deck holder, and power wheel visuals have all been updated with a new look. Note that this area is still considered a work in progress and has not yet reached its final form.

    • Cleaner Emotes:
    Emotes will now only be usable by right clicking to prevent accidentally activating them, and you should now be able to send emotes at the same time your opponent does.

    • New card animations when a card is added to hand, played, or drawn.
    • Deathtouch is no longer represented with an icon, but instead with new graphical effects
    • The last prologue quest (versus Raizeon) now completes upon win or loss
    New Abilities and Balance Changes
    • Combat now triggers on Orbs and Structures
      Tooltip now reads: Does something whenever this creature fights.
    • Two new keywords have been introduced to the game:
    Dash - Dash {N}: When summoned, move this creature up to {N} spaces in a straight line.

    Dash lets you invade the enemy territory in a really explosive way: after summoning the creature, you're prompted with the option to move it right away by some spaces. This can be used for positioning a defender between your orb and a threatening creature, or to push your creature into an aggressive position.

    Dash has been crafted to increase the sensation of speed and interactivity experienced when playing Faeria.

    Slam - When this creature attacks, it also damages every enemy adjacent to the target.

    Slam is the groundbreaking ability Faeria was missing. Being able to inflict your damage to a pack of creatures, but also the enemy god and their structures, makes Slam the ultimate tool for piercing through defenses.

    We’ve implemented these new keywords on a select few of our existing cards to give you a taste of them and how they operate. All of this is only an introduction to the next week’s patch we’re preparing: you can expect Slam and Dash to be much more present once that patch is out.

    Balance Changes
    • Sagami Warrior
      3f 1F (was 4f 1F)
      3/4 (was 2/5)
      Dash 2 (its previous Combat ability has been removed)
    Sagami Warrior is the only creature that is receiving a heavy redesign along with the new keyword. The rest of the creatures are retaining all of their previous stats and abilities, with the addition of the following keywords:

    • Seifer, Blood Tyrant: Slam
    • Oradrim Templar: Dash 1
    • Wild Avenger: Dash 2
    In addition to these changes, we are pushing some additional balance adjustments with this update. Note that we have some other modifications we are considering for next week's patch with the introduction of the new cards, but have decided these were important enough to get in sooner rather than later.

    • Unbound Evolution renamed to Failed Experiment
      0f 1L
      The next creature you summon costs 3f less. It dies instantly.
    • Triton Banquet
      3f 1L (was 5f 2L)
      Give a creature +1/+1 and Jump (no longer gives Protection)
    • Sunken Tower now costs 1f (up from 0f)
    • Luduan is now 1/3 (down from 1/4)
    Unbound Evolution is a card we've had our eyes on for quite some time. We know it's been a hot topic among the community, as well. The card has gone through several iterations since it was first created, and while we still really like some of the exciting situations it can create, it seems like it just can't be a good fit for Faeria at this time. Along with Triton Banquet, these events often become a reason to be very hesitant to engage a Blue player's creatures due to these incredibly high value tricks that can be so commonly executed. Along with those adjustments, we've also toned down Sunken Tower and Luduan just a bit, though we still believe they will remain very powerful cards. We hope the new Failed Experiment will encourage some new decks that were previously not possible, or at least make them more fun to play.

    • Scourgeflame Specter
      7f 3D 3M (was 6f 3D 3M)
      2/5 (was 3/5)
    This was a change directly related to the new and improved Combat keyword functionality.

    • Ruunin the Relentless text and functionality changed to:
      Last Words - Return Ruunin to your hand. She costs 2f less for each time she's died.
    This is a change we felt was necessary and directly related to the addition of Failed Experiment. To be clear, this means that she will also no longer be discounted by cards like Ogre Dance.

    New card teasers
    As mentioned previously, we’re excited to be releasing 10 brand new cards next week, some of which will feature the new keywords listed above.

    We’ll be slowly revealing them until they are released… starting today! Here is your first look at 3 of the new cards we’ll be adding to Faeria:


    Bug fixes
    • Various crash bugs have been fixed
    • Architect should now properly cause Faeria Tree to activate
    • Fixed highlights (of charge/jump/ranged) that were not disappearing properly when a creature lost the ability
    • Pandora coin fragment progression is now more clearly shown in the Pandora gate screen
    New card art
    • Meteor - Franck, Jordi and Andrey
    • Aurora’s Dream - Franck, Jordi and Andrey
    • Bloodstone Sprite - Franck and Jordi
    • Zealous Crusader - Franck, Jordi and Vitaliy
    • Humbling Vision - Franck, Jordi and Andrey
    • Earthcraft - Jordi and Yuan
    • Day of the Dragons - Franck, Jordi and Andrey
    • Oasis Explorer - Franck, Jordi and Vitaliy
    • Sandstone Explorer - Franck, Jordi and Vitaliy
    • Savannah Explorer - Franck, Jordi and Vitaliy
    • Taiga Explorer - Franck, Jordi and Vitaliy
    • Caldera Explorer - Franck, Jordi and Vitaliy
    • Rainforest Explorer - Franck, Jordi and Vitaliy
    With this update, Blue is the first color to have all of its final art in Early Access!

    Thank you for your continued support - and, as always, for your valuable feedback.

    • The Faeria Team
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  11. raw Turbo Chad Patron

    Nov 1, 2008
    PC RPG Website of the Year, 2015

    News / Strategy / Patch notes: November 30th, 2016

    Patch notes: November 30th, 2016

    Written by Abrakam | 11/30/2016

    Today’s exciting update sees 10 brand new cards arrive in Faeria, along with changes to constructed queues, mechanical updates, visual and UI improvements, and balance changes - not to mention your chance to win prizes from Alienware and Razer in the Fugoro Challenge!

    New Cards
    As you most likely already know, we are adding 10 new cards into today’s version of Faeria. 8 of them have been revealed over the past week, but we still have 2 left to announce… so here they are!

    Introducing: HellFire and God Hunter

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    These 10 new cards bring Faeria's card base to a total of 267 cards, 297 if you take into consideration the Pandora treasures. The task of extending the card base of an existing CCG has been an absolutely delightful experience for us. It's actually way more fun to craft additional layers to the game than it is pouring the foundations. It's a feeling we couldn't fully imagine until we experienced it. Faeria has some very unique gameplay. We've often felt as if we were exploring uncharted areas of gaming when creating it. We feel that our mastery over our own gameplay is infinitely better today than it was one year ago (thanks to all of our players who try to break the meta routinely, especially), and that improved understanding of Faeria helps us be more effective at creating good gameplay.

    Not only that, but it's also been a long time coming that we give Faeria more cards that are able to challenge the most seasoned deck builders among you. These 10 cards, and the dozens of other changes that we've applied to the card base with this patch, are meant to create more diverse and tense gameplay. We are super excited to see what the new environment will be like.

    Constructed Queues Have Been Merged
    The Ranked and Unranked constructed queues have been merged together to improve matchmaking quality.

    When queuing in Battle mode, you will be presented with two options:

    • Casual (formerly Unranked)
    • Ranked
    The functionality of each is very similar to before, with a few key differences.

    • The matchmaker will always take priority to match Casuals with Casuals, or Ranked with Ranked. However, in cases where that is not practically possible, Casuals may sometimes be matched against Ranked players.
    • When a Ranked player encounters a Casual player, their opponent will have a special Casual medal displayed as their rank.
    • Casual players can never be matched against God rank players
    We’ve considered these significant changes from many different angles, and believe this is the best way forward that has the best interests of our players in mind. While we could have simply removed the Unranked option altogether and funnel all players into the same Ranked queue, we think it’s important for players to have the option to play without the inherent stresses involved with Ranked play. We also believe it’s important to preserve the ability for Ranked players to experiment with new decks in a Casual mode without being concerned with hurting their Ranking. With these changes, we believe we can accomplish those goals while also reducing the average amount of time a player must wait before beginning a game of Faeria.

    Mechanic Adjustments
    We’ve made various adjustments to the basic mechanics of Faeria in an effort to improve the overall intuitiveness and ease of understanding.

    • Game effects can no longer target creatures that are about to die.
      • Example:
        If an Elderwood Hermit and a Farm Boy are being destroyed by a Firestorm, the Hermit will no longer buff the Farm Boy
    • When a creature dies, its effects remain until the ability or event that provoked its death has been completely resolved.
      • Examples:
        Blood Singer will now always deal damage to the enemy when it destroys another creature and dies in the process.
        A Meteor that kills 3 opponent creatures and an ally Blood Singer will always deal 3 damage to the opponent, even if the Blood Singer is destroyed first.
    • The order in which things occur on the board has been made more consistent and no longer requires the player to memorize the order creatures were summoned onto board.
      This affects:
      • Which creature harvests first when multiple are next to Faeria wells
      • Which creature is damaged first by Area of Effect damage from Slam, Firestorm, Groundshaker, etc.
    These situations are now based on the order of the locations where these creatures are on the board. Location order starts from the top-left corner down to the bottom-left corner, then continues on the column to the right, always from the top to the bottom from the point of view of the active player (so this is actually inverted for you if your opponent plays a spell such as Firestorm).


    This means that a creature in column 1 will always harvest before a creature from column 2 from the same well. Additionally: A creature above another in the same column will always harvest first.

    Note that since Ruunin's Shrine is being redesigned in this patch as well (see below), the influence this change has on how Area of Effect damage works should not be noticeable.

    Visual improvements, user-interface changes and bug fixes
    • The thickness of each player’s deck now changes based on how many cards are remaining.
    • Jump and Charge have been given new icons
    • Various changes to the UI have been made, including an increased thickness of the turn timer liquid.
    • Power wheel has an entirely new set of animations! These include : pass the turn, turn timeout, start the turn, no more moves, and end turn button appearance.
    • Power wheel liquid timer is now more reliable and its animations were corrected
    • Fixed a crash that sometimes happened with the friend list when someone tried to add themselves as a friend. Be more outgoing!
    • Various bug fixes
    • Known Issue: We are aware of the bugs involving Failed Experiment and increased card costs, but were unable to finalize the fixes for this patch. It will be addressed in a later update.
    Balance Changes
    Healing Song
    3f (was 4f)
    Draw a card and gain 5 life. (was 4 life)

    Wavecrash Colossus
    9f LL (was 8f)
    Costs 1f less for each time you’ve harvested from an enemy well.
    Minimum cost: 5f (was 4f)

    Soulbound Sagami
    6f FF (was 6f FFF)

    Sagami Elder redesigned into Sagami Huntmaster
    4f FF
    Gift - Teleport a friendly creature to a land adjacent to this creature.

    Ruunin’s Shrine redesigned
    1f FF
    2 health Structure
    Gift - Gain 3 Faeria.
    Last Words - Your opponent gains 3 Faeria.

    Oak Father
    5/5 (was 6/6) Now has Slam.

    Primeval Colossus
    16f FF (was 15f)
    7/14 (was 8/12)
    Cost 1f less for each special land you have.
    Minimum cost: 6f

    Ancient Boar
    6f F (was 4f FF) 4/5 (was 2/5) Dash 2. If you control a creature with 5 life or more, costs 2f less.

    Tiki Healer
    2/6 (was 2/5)
    Gift - You gain 6 Life. (was 5)

    Gift of Steel
    Now also gives a creature 3 life if it has a Combat ability.

    Boulder Thrower
    7f M
    3/4 (was 3/5)
    Ranged Attack. Slam. (Its former Combat ability has been removed)

    Volcanic Colossus
    12f MM (was 9f)
    7/7 (was 8/8)
    Now has Ranged Attack.
    Cost 1f less for each enemy creature that has died in combat.
    Minimum cost: 7f (was 5f)

    Ignus, the First Flame
    8f MMM (was 4f)
    4/4 (was 2/4)
    Whenever you select +1f from the power wheel, deal 4 damage randomly split among enemies. (was 1 damage to an enemy)

    Soul Pact
    0f DD
    Now draws 1 card.
    Gain 2f and deal 3 damage to yourself. (was 2 damage)

    Windstorm Colossus
    10f DD (was 9f)
    7/7 (was 7/5)
    Dash 3.
    Costs 1f less for each event you’ve played.
    Minimum cost: 5f (was 4f)

    Shaytan Vampire
    Now has Dash 1.

    Now has Slam.

    Warstorm Champion redesigned
    7f FFF MMM
    Slam. Dash 2.
    Gift - Deal 4 damage randomly split among enemies. Give +4/+4 randomly split among allies.

    Clockwork Yak Now has Dash 2.

    Rarity Changes
    We've swapped the card rarities of Flameburst and Lord of Terror to allow new players easier access to this deck-defining card.

    • Flameburst: Epic -> Rare
    • Lord of Terror: Rare-> Epic
    To see how we compensate players for crafting values from card rarity changes, click here.
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  12. raw Turbo Chad Patron

    Nov 1, 2008
    PC RPG Website of the Year, 2015
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  13. raw Turbo Chad Patron

    Nov 1, 2008
    PC RPG Website of the Year, 2015
    News / Strategy / Preparing To Launch

    Preparing To Launch

    Written by Abrakam | 01/24/2017

    Having spent the better part of a year in Steam’s Early Access, we are nearly ready to launch the complete release of Faeria.

    We’re almost there.

    Having spent the better part of a year in Steam’s Early Access, we are nearly ready to launch the complete release of Faeria.

    We’d like to illuminate the path we’ve set ahead for the near future, and let you know what to expect.

    Full release is scheduled for March
    In March, we plan to release the complete, full version of Faeria (1.0) for both PC and iPad.

    What’s so important about 1.0?

    • Leaving our Early Access status
    • Full release of the iPad version in all available regions
    • Significant UI updates
    • Stability and Performance improvements
    • Mythic Chests
    • A couple of surprises we don’t want to spoil yet…
    Leading up to then, we have some other important milestones to step upon. Let’s talk about those.

    Rolling out the iPad version
    We have completed the development process necessary to meet the standards of the Apple store, and have a version with which we are ready to begin more expanded testing. We will slowly begin rolling out the iPad version region by region, helping us polish it as much as possible prior to the complete 1.0 release in March.

    Starting today, the iPad version is available for download from the Apple store in Belgium only. (For those who may not know, Faeria comes from Belgium, and our small but wonderful country is an ideal place to test our iOS implementation of the game before opening up to wider audiences - specifically, this sees us change our internal processes when it comes to releasing updates to fit around Apple’s review process, and prepares us for providing consistently high quality cross-platform updates.)

    In February, Canada will become the second country in which gamers will be able to find Faeria in the App Store for iPads. Canada offers us a much larger gaming population than Belgium for us to get more data about how tablet players differ to our current PC audience, allowing us to consider what final tweaks might need to be made before 1.0.

    During this time, we will also open up a waiting list for users outside of these regions who are anxious to begin playing before March. Our latest iPad build of Faeria is much more optimised than when we previously opened up applications for iPad testers, and as such we now support even more devices than we did back then.

    Android users: don’t despair. Much of the work we have spent on getting Faeria ready for the Apple store has directly supported preparing for Android release, and will soon follow. While we have no exact dates for Android release, know that it is our next platform priority after iOS is complete. We are also working on expanding to Apple and Android phones not too long after launch.

    The list of current compatible iOS tablet devices are:

    • iPad 3 / 4
    • iPad Air / Air 2
    • iPad Pro
    • iPad Mini 2 / 3 / 4
    Older iPad models (original, iPad 2, iPad Mini 1) will not be supported in the future.

    Click here to apply to test Faeria on iPad before it launches in your country

    February update
    Before the full release in March, we plan another large update in February. This release version will be 0.96, and will contain numerous updates to the UI for both PC versions and iPad - although there will be further UI improvements to come at launch.

    This update will also introduce changes to the in-game economy and how items can be bought in the shop, offering us more flexibility to give special offers and fairer pricing.

    As mentioned in a previous update, we have had to conform our prices to meet requirements of the Apple store. After implementing this new economy system, we will be more in control of the prices offered in our store. For instance, last November/December there was a slight price surge in some regions that was outside of our control. We want to avoid things like this as much as possible. Our goal is to keep a solid price consistency across all platforms in order to prevent any favoritism or inequality.

    Monthly Cup hiatus
    In order to more fully focus on our impending launch, the Monthly Cup will be put on hiatus in February.

    This means that after the next Monthly Cup Finals on February 11th, there will be no Monthly Cup activity until we release version 1.0.

    We believe that during this time, the community will be able to occupy this brief time with tournament events of their own, as many have already been doing. If you wish to organize a community tournament for February or early March and are looking for prize support or otherwise, please contact Atmaz in Discord or by emailing gary@abrakam.com.
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  14. RuySan Augur

    Jul 11, 2005
    Liked what I played, but having this game with Duelyst and HS in my collection is just too much. Besides, the games take longer than in Duelyst, and it's a little more complex, so I can't just jump in after a long absence.
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  15. spectre Arcane

    Oct 26, 2008
    I tried it yesterday, turned out much better than expected. Somehow, screenshots don't really do justice to the game - they look somewhat dull and washed out.
    Whereas in actual play, the game has this charming fairy tale quality that's hard to put finger on. It's not spectacular, but I am finding that it grows on me,
    it's something similar to early Magic the Gathering. Or is it just me being tired of everybody aping WoW for their fantasy designs?

    I haven't seen any bugs, and I don't see my time being wasted on pointless shit. All in all, the game is nicely designed, navigating some of the menus took a bit of getting used to.

    I don't really care for the competitive side, but I am already liking the options for single player.
    The AI isn't spectacular (but hey, this is chess-like complexity on a changing board, I shouldn't expect too much), but is serviceable.
    I like the puzzles, you get a board setup, and you try to win in this round, even though they aren't too hard to figure out, they're quite educational and there's plenty of them.

    Matches can take a while, but are pretty dynamic and feel unique. I'm just starting out, but I can already see there's qute a number of viable styles of playing for each color.
    I am liking the Pandora mode, it plays like a draft, but with a twist. It's quite possible to build focused decks and one color is always banned for you, forcing you to go out of your comfort zone.
    You also get this epic feeling of "shit's about to get down" once the countdown is up and you start drawing the special pandora cards.

    My only criticism is that after the initial burst of stuff to do, at some point I felt my progress has slowed down considerably.
    There's plenty to do each day with daily quests and a free practice pandora run, etc., but once you're done with those,
    the pay-off for winning ranked aren't too spectacular.
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  16. Frusciante Arbiter The Real Fanboy

    Aug 24, 2012
    Project: Eternity
    Anyone still playing this? Still for me one of the most interesting games of this type but it just doesn't seems get traction.
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  17. Revenant Arcane

    Jan 1, 2012
    on the road
    Holy shit, how did I only learn about this game after this thread being bumped, it's so much better than Hearthstone. Gameplay is not casual at all and the art style/presentation is just amazing IMO. Also has a Linux client on Steam. Pure :incline:
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  18. Revenant Arcane

    Jan 1, 2012
    on the road
    Pandora is capped at 9 wins, unlike Hearthstone's arena which is capped at 12...


    Got 3 boxes of cards and 3000 gold as a reward.
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