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Game News BattleTech Kickstarter Update #35: Backer Beta starting March 15th

Discussion in 'RPG News & Content' started by Infinitron, Feb 8, 2017.

  1. Make America Great Again Infinitrongender: ⚧ Trade Master Patron

    Jan 28, 2011
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    Tags: BattleTech; Chris Klimecky; Harebrained Schemes

    Harebrained Schemes' first BattleTech Kickstarter update for this year is a cursory announcement that the game's beta is set to begin on March 15th. The beta release will be available to anybody who pledged $50 or more. If you pledged less than that and last year's mechanics updates and melee animated GIFs impressed you, there is an option to upgrade. The FAQ included in the update has more information:

    Can I still upgrade my reward level or get in as a Late Backer?

    If you’re a current Backer and you want to upgrade to the MechWarrior tier at the current $50 price, email us and we will give you directions on how to do this since it’s a manual process.

    If you have friends who are kicking themselves for not backing the project earlier, let them know they can still get in on our Digital Reward Tiers, including the MechWarrior level which grants access to the Kickstarter Beta. Just send them to to our Late Reinforcements website to get in on the action. But tell them to act fast! On February 15th, the prices for each digital reward level will go up by $10.

    When will the Backer Beta start?

    Our target delivery date is March 15th. While we’re on track for this date and looking good, this IS game development, so please take the date with the expected grain of salt. Something may break as we head into this date and it may require us to take additional time to fix it to ensure a good experience for our participants. We’ll let you know as far in advance as possible if something like this comes up!

    How long will the Backer Beta last?

    We haven’t finalized exactly how long the Beta will remain live, but it should be up for at least two months.

    What will the Backer Beta include?

    As outlined in our Kickstarter Campaign, the Backer Beta will feature 1v1 multiplayer and single-player Skirmish play. The Beta will include a subset of the 'Mechs and Maps that will be found in the game at launch. Note that the Backer Beta will not include the story campaign or mercenary company management, nor will it include the ability to modify your `Mech loadouts. We hope to update the Beta later with the `Mech Lab feature but can’t commit to that at this time.

    What `Mechs will be in the Backer Beta?

    We're still determining which `Mechs will be included in the Backer Beta. The target list of ‘Mechs for the full game can be found in our Kickstarter page FAQ.

    Will the Backer Beta be under NDA, or restricted in any way?

    The Kickstarter Beta will not be under a non-disclosure agreement, though there may be an end-user licensing agreement required to participate.
    It'll be interesting to see how the game has changed since the "Super-Pre-Alpha" back in August.
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