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Feb 18, 2018 at 1:31 AM
Aug 23, 2015
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Arcane, Mudcrab

Guys, do you know a good jpg to pdf converter that doesn't mess with the image size or its quality (I have already tried some on-line ones)? Jun 18, 2017

Naveen was last seen:
Feb 18, 2018 at 1:31 AM
    1. Arch-Vile
      Quality poster.
      1. Naveen brofisted this.
      2. Naveen
        Thanks. Approval from Codexers is the highest praise there is!
        Sep 11, 2017
    2. Andhaira
      Hey, I heard you wrote a book. Could you tell me about it? Also is it online only like on Kindle, or is a hardcopy published?
      1. Naveen
        It's self-published, so it's on Kindle and Paperbook version, both on Amazon. In short, it's about criticism and the critics of entertainment, mostly the latest video game controversies (I also write a bit about literature, movies, etc.) The first part is about the commentators and the second about violence controversies, sexism (mostly the latest post-2014 nonsense), and racism in video games (e.g.,representation.)
        Sep 6, 2017
        Andhaira brofisted this.
      2. Naveen
        Right now I'm writing a reduced or trimmed version of it – around 30-40 pages and I hope it's going to be more to the point and a bit less meandering in some parts.

        There are links to the book on my signature.
        Sep 6, 2017
        Andhaira brofisted this.
      3. Andhaira
        Ok that's cool. I thought it was a novel, but this is good too if it interests you. Hope you make mega $$$ off it. :salute:
        Sep 6, 2017
        Naveen brofisted this.
    3. Naveen
      Guys, do you know a good jpg to pdf converter that doesn't mess with the image size or its quality (I have already tried some on-line ones)?
      1. ManjuShri brofisted this.
      2. View previous comments...
      3. Naveen
        Amazon needs a pdf file of a cover art if you want to publish a paperback version of a book.
        Jun 18, 2017
      4. boot
        XnConvert can convert near any format, I don't know about image quality though
        Jun 18, 2017
        Naveen brofisted this.
      5. Naveen
        Thanks boot, that program worked!
        Jun 18, 2017
    4. Santander02
      So, Mynon is trying to impersonate you, fucks know why...
      1. Naveen
        Butthurt-induced trolling syndrome, I guess.
        Jun 10, 2017
        Santander02 brofisted this.
    5. Irenaeus
      How can I buy your book? Kindle doesn't work for BR.
      1. MediantSamuel and ManjuShri brofisted this.
      2. Naveen
        Hmmm, the book is listed on .com.br http://tinyurl.com/y9cddwd3

        And to read e-books on my PC I use the free Kindle app http://tinyurl.com/ybxqyz9u

        If none of that works just tell me and I will send you a copy that you should be able to read on Calibre or a similar program.

        PS: the book is finished, but I update it daily or so, fixing the odd typo.
        Jun 5, 2017
        Irenaeus brofisted this.
      3. Irenaeus
        Bought it.
        Jun 5, 2017
      4. Naveen
        Thanks. If you have any comment, let me know.
        Jun 5, 2017
    6. Naveen
      I am going to read the Baldur's Gate novel. Wish me luck and pray for my soul.
      1. Bumvelcrow and MediantSamuel brofisted this.
      2. Bumvelcrow
        Amusing review in the library afterwards, please, if you survive. You are inspiring me to read my untouched copy of the Dragon Age novel by his Gaiderness.
        Jan 10, 2017
        Naveen brofisted this.
      3. Barnabas
        Did U read it
        May 9, 2017
      4. Naveen
        I started but didn't finish it. I have been reading other stuff, like Hugo and Nebula nominees. Amazingly, they seem to be even worse. It's still on the list, though, and I might finally read it to see how it compares to the other hues of badness I've been reading lately.
        May 9, 2017
        Barnabas brofisted this.
    7. Naveen
      Ah, at last I have acces to the fabled politics subforums. Let's see what... oh, God, oh my God:
      1. Ninja Destroyer, Dreed and Nekot-The-Brave brofisted this.
      2. View previous comments...
      3. pippin
        wtf i hate the codex now
        Aug 23, 2016
        Dreed brofisted this.
      4. Orobis
      5. sullynathan
        so its as bad as I was expecting
        Aug 23, 2016
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