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Humanity has risen!
Mar 29, 2010
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Ottawa, Can.

Humanity has risen!

Arcane, from Ottawa, Can.

I received my Zowie ZA12 mouse. It is truly like the old Intellimouse and extremely comfortable and accurate. My new all-time favorite. Apr 14, 2016

    1. Crispy
      HHR, have you posted any impressions of the PS4 yet? Do you have yours? I want to know what you think about it.
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Crispy
        I might do that, but my local Gamestop is pretty cool, actually, and I have a whole PS3 setup I want to trade in, even though I'm not going to get much for it.
        Dec 18, 2013
      3. alkeides
        There won't be any Gamestops left after 3-5 years Crispy. Thanks to Steam, Xbox Live and the Playstation Marketplace. Everything is going online. The next gen of consoles won't even have a CD/DVD/Blu Ray Drive slot. I'm surprised HHR bought a next gen console, I never took you for a J-Rpg or even a general console player.
        Jan 21, 2014
      4. Crispy
        Good point, but I'm going to continue patronizing them for as long as I can. The end of brick-and-mortar stores will just be another step in the direction of ruin, IMO, and until that day comes you'll find me standing in line with my wallet ready and my physical product in hand.
        Jan 21, 2014
    2. oscar
      is hummus okay? The wheatbelly site categorises it as completely fine, but it's made of beans.
      1. Humanity has risen!
        Humanity has risen!
        Avoid anything with beans
        Sep 27, 2013
    3. Curious_Tongue
    4. Lorica
      You asked a question about campaign tags in a thread on SF. Did you try enabling them through Account Upgrades?
    5. Irenaeus
      WTF is this new avatar? Decline of HHR
      1. CrazyLoon
        More like decline of Irenaeus. HHR was already using this avatar way back in 2010-2011.
        May 10, 2013
    6. Curious_Tongue
      Humanity has risen! was last seen: Viewing thread The BUTT crowd
      1. Broseph, Pipeweed and hoverdog brofisted this.
      2. Humanity has risen!
        Mar 16, 2013
      3. Curious_Tongue
        If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.
        Mar 16, 2013
    7. RK47
    8. crojipjip
      but paypal requires social security numbers. if anonymous ever hacks and leaks them?
      1. Humanity has risen!
        Humanity has risen!
        They don't, Prosper. Never give out your SSN to anyone that isn't a financial institution, the government or your employer. While no site is completely safe from hacking, PayPal is same consortium is behind Ebay, and they have extremely vast resources to keep the sites safe. They want to establish themselves as safe and dependable authorities for electronic payments, they have to do it.
        Dec 26, 2012
    9. Surf Solar
      Surf Solar
      Hey. I just wanted to apologize in case I have insulted you before. You always gave me some good tips before, so please excuse me for such stuff and thanks!
      1. Ærelian brofisted this.
    10. Guido Fawkes
      Guido Fawkes
      If you can, please quote my post in the "banned" thread on site feedback. I actually just apologized for my days of terrible trolling and I am trying to make ammends.
    11. Guido Fawkes
      Guido Fawkes
      Nevermind, already got it done. Thanks anyway though.
      1. Humanity has risen!
        Humanity has risen!
        I was thinking of doing something like that.

        Yeah, it's sad that a few make you persona non grata when you make actual posts and try to bring something to the table. I'll keep them in check in your stead.
        May 17, 2012
    12. Guido Fawkes
    13. Jack
      Sup JF! Found any good bible quotes recently, JF?
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    Ottawa, Can.


    The “winsome” camp says that conservatives have to play nice when they talk about LGBT issues. They should smile. Apologize for being bigots. Maybe pray quietly to themselves in locked closets while LGBT people turn schools, colleges, courts, the military, libraries, companies, governments, hospitals, restrooms, blood banks, nurseries, orphanages, television stations, Silicon Valley, Hollywood, Madison Avenue, and Wall Street into state-sanctioned means of celebrating anal sex, cross-dressing, self-inflicted genital mutilation, while promoting dangerous sex habits to little kids.

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