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Feb 25, 2018 at 1:39 AM
Oct 24, 2007
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Arcane, from Chrząszczyżewoszyce, powiat Łękołody

{^ಠ.=.ೃ^} Jan 15, 2012

DraQ was last seen:
Feb 25, 2018 at 1:39 AM
    1. Unreal
      Actually Unreal sucks
      1. DraQ
        Indeed, you do.
        Jan 23, 2018
    2. Maggot
      insult quake 2 one more time *unsheathes katana* and you'll get what's coming to you kid...
      1. View previous comments...
      2. MotherMachinae
        *Descent into Cerberon tune starts playing*
        watch out, here comes tough boy!
        Sep 2, 2017
        Maggot brofisted this.
      3. Maggot
        *dices you into a million pieces* heh kid didn't even know what was coming
        Sep 2, 2017
      4. MotherMachinae
        *dices you into a million scales* fixd
        Sep 2, 2017
    3. jarmaro
    4. tred
      Hi DraQ. I've always had the impression that you're the most well versed user in Morrowind mods here. Could recommend me or point me to a good list of Morrowind mods?
      After playing Requiem I would like to recreate something akin to that experience in Morrowind.
      I've downloaded BTB's Improvements but I am worried that some of those modifications might take too much from the original. Would you recommend it? Thanks
      1. ManjuShri brofisted this.
    5. Mustawd
    6. an Administrator
    7. Zombra
      Wizardry 8. What's the fix for disappearing RPCs?
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Zombra
        Do you know if Tantris reappears in the same spot where you first recruit him? I'm trying to use the workaround Flunk posted but nothing I do will make him reappear :(
        Jan 19, 2017
      3. DraQ
        Which one? I'm not exactly up to date.
        And for some reason I've never really had Tantris in my party.
        Also, why not go ask in the thread? More people will hear you.
        Jan 19, 2017
      4. Zombra
        Can't figure out which thread is the real thread :)
        Jan 19, 2017
        DraQ brofisted this.
    8. boobio
    9. Zombra
      I need help; my search-fu is weak. I'm trying to make Wizardry 8 run in 4:3 on my new rig. I know there's a fix out there somewhere, isn't there?
      1. zwanzig_zwoelf
        Most widescreen displays can be forced to 4:3. Check the settings.
        Jan 23, 2016
        Zombra brofisted this.
      2. catfood
        What video card do you have? If you have nvidia you can go to the nvidia control panel->display->adjust desktop size and position and chosoe "perform scaling" on "gpu". Then set the desktop resolution to a 4:3 resolution. It should work.
        Jan 23, 2016
        Zombra brofisted this.
      3. Zombra
        Ah! Changing the scaling to GPU fixed the problem. Thank you gentlemen.
        Jan 23, 2016
    10. Awor Szurkrarz
      Awor Szurkrarz
      Why should I play Terra Nova? Also, does it have long-range combat?
      1. PeachPlumage
        If you don't play Terra Nova, DU will take away your ignore privilege!
        Dec 13, 2015
        DraQ brofisted this.
      2. DraQ
        I've already responded in detail in TN:SFC thread, but yes, this too.
        Dec 13, 2015
      3. PeachPlumage
        Dec 13, 2015
    11. dunno lah
      dunno lah
    12. Ninjerk
      I can't brofist you on Pawel's wall so I'll comment you here... where I still have no fist but must bro
      1. DraQ brofisted this.
    13. Ninjerk
      Got you looking through that old thread, did I? Just finished the DC and was annoyed by the abundance of XP rewards for non-critical terminal hacking. Hello everyone, my name is Ninjerk, and I'm a degenerate gamer.
      1. DraQ
        [quote]Got you looking through that old thread, did I?[/quote]
        Dec 30, 2014
    14. AW8
      How's your knowledge of Micheal Kirkbride's TES texts? I've been trying to find one about two warring states that only exists in a story book, to no avail.
      PS. I apologize for my apprentice's unacceptable behavior in the post below. EDIT: I found it, it's "The Republic of Hahd".
      1. Zeriel brofisted this.
    15. balmorar
      ........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')
      ..........''...\.......... _.·´
      1. boobio and shiteatingnippledick brofisted this.
    16. Cazzeris
    17. Broseph
      Comrade, please do your duty by posting on Lumpy's wall asking that I be freed and Liberal returned to Prosperland.
    18. Zewp
      DraQ, you are an elite individual.
      1. shiteatingnippledick brofisted this.
    19. Glyphwright
      The problem with Prosperland is that it's fucking boring, empty, and no one ever visits. I wouldn't mind being stuck in that place if it had any entertainment value whatsoever. So stupid and pointless. Like your mom.
      1. shiteatingnippledick and Tommy Wiseau brofisted this.
    20. AW8
      Oh, donät worry- You will die. YOu will die, you will die...
      1. DraQ
        Jan 25, 2014
      2. AW8
        DraQ just aint got time for AW8's shit.
        Jan 26, 2014
    21. AW8
      You're a true gaymer
      1. shiteatingnippledick brofisted this.
      2. DraQ
        Jan 6, 2014
      3. AW8
        The mer-folk are always 2 deep 4 me
        Jan 7, 2014
    22. AW8
      I've spent the last 3 days searching for Morrowind mods, testing Morrowind mods, and modding Morrowind mods.

      Now I think I'm finally done. I have to stop thinking about mods now, or my adventure will never take off.
      1. shiteatingnippledick brofisted this.
    23. AW8
      Mmmm. I want to feast on your flesh.
      1. shiteatingnippledick brofisted this.
    24. AW8
      I want you. I need you. DraQ, my darling...
      1. shiteatingnippledick brofisted this.
    25. AW8
      You're a real dovahbro, you really light my Dragonfires if you catch my drift.
      1. shiteatingnippledick, Broseph and DraQ brofisted this.
      2. View previous comments...
      3. AW8
        Just wanted to see your reaction to it.

        The change to raw glass and stuff is indeed stupid, but pretty minor and I didn't know about it until now.

        Started a new game about a year ago, installed BTB's mods and Morrowind Advanced because I thought most of the changes looked great. Some of it fucking drove me nuts though.
        Sep 23, 2013
      4. AW8
        Retarded shit like Altmer with no weakness to magic (whats glass cannon lol?), no way to enchant constant effects and recharging enchanted items is basically torture since there's no recharge dude as in Oblivion. He's basically gone the Bethesda route and cut out unbalanced stuff instead of balancing them.
        Sep 23, 2013
      5. AW8
        On top of that, Advanced fills the world with Oscuro's-like monsters which is both good and bad, good because MW needs stronger enemies but bad since every region seems to have creatures that run ridiculously fast and kill your level 10 character instantly. Next time I play I'll dump them both into Oblivion and find some other way to up the challenge, perhaps starting with dragging the difficulty slider above normal.
        Sep 23, 2013
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