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Last Activity:
Apr 26, 2018 at 2:45 AM
Oct 16, 2015
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Ash was last seen:
Apr 26, 2018 at 2:45 AM
    1. <3sRichardSimmons
      Eccentricity is a good thing. Take it as a compliment.
      1. The Brazilian Slaughter brofisted this.
      2. Ellef
        le quirky snowflake XDD
        Apr 17, 2018
    2. Delterius
      silly kids don't even know that final trigger xenogigma isn't even in the top #1064 of best japanese rpg games of all time am i right
      1. Ash
        Get out, weeb.
        Mar 29, 2018
      2. Delterius
        gtfo of my forums you living embodiment of cuckoldry
        Mar 29, 2018
      3. Ash
        Reported for retardred harvesting.
        Mar 29, 2018
    3. Sigourn
      Ash, I have a question about Deus Ex you may help me with. I installed the D3D10 renderer and now the font of the game looks smoother. But I don't like it at all. Is there any way to get rid of that, short of getting rid of the renderer altogether? I like everything about it BUT the smooth font.
      1. Ash
        Set anti-aliasing to 0 ?
        Feb 23, 2018
      2. Sigourn
        Setting anti-aliasing off does fix the in-game smudged font... a shame it also destroys the 3D models anti-aliasing. Thanks anyway! I'll see if I can solve it with a 3rd party tool.
        Feb 23, 2018
    4. 60hz
      Never played OG Deus Ex before yesterday.

      Looking at GMDX, it became obvious to me that I would install it for my first playthrough. Thanks for providing comparison screens for the graphical improvements, and your maintenance of this long standing project. That is a true labor of love! Thanks!
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Ash
        Emotional attachment man. Let it go. GMDX has utmost respect for vanilla and carefully treads around everything that was perfect, which was the majority. Nothing that made the game a work of true greatness is lost.
        Feb 25, 2018
      3. 60hz
        Yay veealune. Guess who bought the game. I'll play how I want to, thank you very little.
        Feb 25, 2018
      4. "Chad J. Thundercock" with the quotation marks
        "Chad J. Thundercock" with the quotation marks
        Not inherently, but I still don't think it's vanilla and it isn't. I think the game's quirks is what make it what it is, GMDX is a good mod but I still think first playthrough should be vanilla.
        Feb 25, 2018
    5. DJOGamer PT
      DJOGamer PT
      One of the few dudes here that actually knows about what makes games good.
      Respect. :salute:
      1. Karhu and Ash brofisted this.
      2. Ash
        Try my mod for Deus Ex if you want modern day incline.
        Jan 14, 2018
        Karhu and DJOGamer PT brofisted this.
      3. DJOGamer PT
        DJOGamer PT
        Already did dude. Back in September. I'll make a second playtrough of the mod soon enough, just finishing up BotW.
        Jan 14, 2018
        Ash brofisted this.
    6. zwanzig_zwoelf
      bro where the fuck is gmdx9.0 is it adding music wubwubwub like we agreed
      1. Nekot-The-Brave brofisted this.
      2. Ash
        What game are you working on?
        Jul 11, 2017
      3. zwanzig_zwoelf
        a small adventure/dungeon crawler mix
        Jul 11, 2017
        Nekot-The-Brave and Ash brofisted this.
    7. Aenra
      This is your friendly monthly reminder.
      Stop posting and start typing. Arx isn't getting any younger and neither are we.

      Thank you for your cooperation.
      1. Dreed and Ash brofisted this.
    8. tormund
      You got OWN'D in the based NOAH thread.
      1. DramaticPopcorn and Dev_Anj brofisted this.
    9. Excommunicator
      yeah nah ur shit mate
      1. DramaticPopcorn brofisted this.
      2. Lhynn
        stop bullying
        Dec 22, 2016
        MediantSamuel brofisted this.
      3. MediantSamuel
        Dec 22, 2016
    10. Aenra
      Stop fucking posting here and start an Arx Fatalis mod god damn you. Unlike most of us, you can actually DO something ingame-related. Why fucking don't you :)
      1. View previous comments...
      2. MotherMachinae
        Before they made "shoutbox" thingy (to note progress on their page) I though they dropped the project. But here is.
        BTW. release is somewhere in next few weeks.
        May 3, 2016
        Aenra brofisted this.
      3. Ash
        Oh, nice. I was hopeful for that project but I too thought it died. Still, I'm skeptical of how good it can possibly be since it is basically making a new game nearly from scratch in idTech3 (Doom3 engine) which is taxing to a small group of non-profit modders. I'd love to be proven wrong though. Dark Mod and Black Mesa managed it.
        May 3, 2016
        Aenra brofisted this.
      4. United Nations
        United Nations
        Been dying to play more Arx for a very long time. Mod looks great. Hopefully it will be finished sometime in the near future, with Doom 4 being released this month, LOL.
        May 3, 2016
    11. zwanzig_zwoelf
      bro long time no see i missed your posts and general dicking around man welcome back
      1. Abraham brofisted this.
      2. View previous comments...
      3. zwanzig_zwoelf
        bro lets remake deus ex invisible war on deus ex engine i will make a deus ex theme using instruments sampled from my farts
        Dec 1, 2015
        Ninjerk brofisted this.
      4. Ash
        Dec 1, 2015
      5. zwanzig_zwoelf
        I spilled my drink.
        Dec 1, 2015
    12. jcd
      you better stop using this avatar kid or...
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Ash
        Sticks and stones.
        Nov 22, 2015
      3. jcd
        Iron and copper.
        Nov 23, 2015
        agentorange brofisted this.
      4. Ash
        You mechs may have copper wiring to re-route your fear of pain, but I've got nerves of steel.
        Nov 23, 2015
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