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Jeff Vogel interview

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Mon 11 November 2002, 21:42:39

Tags: Avernum 3; Spiderweb Software

Just a little more loving of Spiderweb Software. Here's a bit of it:

11.) Timed events play a big part in Avernum 3, such as the razing of towns by monsters if you don't get to their nests in time, and quest situations that only occur after certain dates. Can you explain why Avernum 3 does this? Is making a dynamically changing world more difficult versus the added benefit of demonstrating urgency of situations? Do you feel this worked well for Avernum 3?

It's the thing I love most about the game. I love the size, the depth, the amount of stuff in it. And I love the way you can return to a town and find half of it smashed in.

It was a lot of work. But I think it was just cool.

And the link to the interview itself.

There are 7 comments on Jeff Vogel interview

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Icewind Dale II Review

Review - posted by Exitium on Sat 9 November 2002, 17:53:41

Tags: Black Isle Studios; Icewind Dale 2

Does it succeed as a strong title or does it falter like its predecessor? Read Exitium's unbiased and well-balanced review to find out if Icewind Dale II makes the cut. Read the full article: [URL='']Icewind Dale II Review[/URL]

There are 23 comments on Icewind Dale II Review

NWN Review

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Fri 1 November 2002, 22:26:30

Tags: BioWare; Neverwinter Nights

Saint Proverbius's NWN uncut and scary review, brutal honesty at it's peak. Nothing says fun like telling it as it is about one of the most overrated and overhyped games ever made.

There are 114 comments on NWN Review

Interview with Inon Zur

Interview - posted by Exitium on Wed 30 October 2002, 05:15:24

Tags: Black Isle Studios; Icewind Dale 2

Ian "Exitium" Cheong talks with the man behind the music of Icewind Dale 2, and Baldur's Gate: Throne of Bhaal, Inon Zur.

There are 4 comments on Interview with Inon Zur

Freelancer: An RPG?

Editorial - posted by Deathy on Tue 29 October 2002, 06:34:06

Tags: Microsoft Game Studios

In this editorial, Deathy discusses whether Freelancer should be labelled as an RPG or not.

There are 12 comments on Freelancer: An RPG?

Grandia II Review

Review - posted by Xerophyte on Wed 23 October 2002, 19:12:45

Tags: Game Arts; Grandia II

Undaunted by Calis' screwy code replacing the previous version with another instance of Deathy's Great Quest Article, Xerophyte re-uploads his review. Will the upload be a success? Or will the article once again fall prey to the foul bugs roaming the system? Stay tuned to find out!

There are 12 comments on Grandia II Review

Avernum 3 - First Look

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sun 20 October 2002, 04:28:40

Tags: Avernum 3; Spiderweb Software

A first look at Spiderweb's third installment of the Avernum series, Avernum 3.

There are 8 comments on Avernum 3 - First Look

Geneforge Review

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sat 19 October 2002, 05:33:22

Tags: Geneforge; Spiderweb Software

Read the full article: [URL='']Geneforge Review[/URL]

There are 29 comments on Geneforge Review

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