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Pillows of Eternity 2: Sawyer's Dream Pet RPG

Put dollars into PoE2: Deadfire

Pillars of Eternity is getting a sequel, and if we put enough money into the fig campaign, we get a pet! Or some other things if we raise more:

$500 Name a Pet
$850 Create an Item
$1,000 Two Pets??
$1,500 Be an NPC
$1,750 Portrait In-Game
$2,000 Super Pet
$5,000 Build a Pirate Party
$10,000 Josh Sawyer private strip tease​

By donating to this campaign you can ensure the RPG Codex will get mentioned in the credits (IE: generate butthurt), and have some kind of a thing in-game, assuming we raise enough (IE: generate additional butthurt).

You also get the same digital tiers as available through Fig. That means if you donate:

$29+: gets you a Digital Key
$45+: gets you Premium Digital
$65+: gets you Ultimate Digital
$99+: gets you Early Access + Credits
(see the campaign page for detailed descriptions)​

As our donation will be made via PayPal, Obsidian are letting us run the campaign a little longer after the Fig campaign officially closes.

And as with all our campaigns, you will get a forum tag you can show off to all your loser friends and brag about.

Campaign Started: 9-Feb-2017
Campaign End: 11-Mar-2017

Campaign Target: $1,500.00
Raised: $956.01

By donating to this campaign, you will receive 2 potato for every $1 USD you contribute.
You can spend potato to buy goodies on the Codex such as ad-free time.

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Donor List

NOTE: Only "completed" payments are listed below. If you are logged in, extra details will be available (shown only to you when you hover over them) for any payments you've made. A + denotes a payment made by someone other than the recipient listed, a * indicates an anonymous donation. Some payments (such as e-cheques) may take a few days before they appear. Donors are sorted by total amount donated (highest first), then by date (oldest first).

# Name Date $$$
1 Grunker 17-Feb-2017
2 Haplo 16-Feb-2017
3 Bumvelcrow 9-Feb-2017
4 Riddler 9-Feb-2017
5 fobia 16-Feb-2017
6 Nekot-The-Brave 17-Feb-2017
7 Crooked Bee 9-Feb-2017
8 NorthLurker 9-Feb-2017
9 Junmarko 10-Feb-2017
10 AwesomeButton 9-Feb-2017
^ 30.00 - Donate more than $30.00 to get your name in the Top #10
11 MediantSamuel 9-Feb-2017
12 VioletShadow 9-Feb-2017
13 SausageInYourFace 9-Feb-2017
14 Yaar Podshipnik 9-Feb-2017
15 Projas 10-Feb-2017
16 D_X 17-Feb-2017
17 Apan 9-Feb-2017
18 Bleed the Man 9-Feb-2017
19 EnthalpyFlow 10-Feb-2017
20 ERYFKRAD 10-Feb-2017
^ 29.00 - Donate more than $29.00 to get your name in the Top #20
21 moraes 11-Feb-2017
22 Pike 14-Feb-2017
23 TT1 9-Feb-2017
24 Easily Amused 12-Feb-2017
25 Matt7895 9-Feb-2017
26 Guest 13-Feb-2017
27 Infinitron 23-Feb-2017
28 Once more unto the Codex 9-Feb-2017
29 Joni Odin von Hassenstein 10-Feb-2017
30 t 9-Feb-2017
^ 5.00 - Donate more than $5.00 to get your name in the Top #30
31 AW8 9-Feb-2017
32 MaskedMan 9-Feb-2017
33 toro 11-Feb-2017
34 Dreed 13-Feb-2017
35 joelofdeath 19-Feb-2017
36 MicoSelva 9-Feb-2017
TOTAL: $1,003.00
FEES¹: - $46.99
NET: $956.01
¹Fees are as reported by PayPal.

Put dollars into PoE2: Deadfire

TARGET: $1,500 USD

RAISED: $956.01 USD (64%)

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