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Beautifully Desolate Campaign

Raise monies for moar point-and-click adventure games

At the RPG Codex, we also like to support Adventure Games. The guys that made STASIS are doing another one called Beautiful Desolation.

Pledge $2,199 or more


This tier is specially for game sites or groups that want to feature in DESOLATION and does not include previous rewards.

We will provide you with 25 game keys for your community (beta enabled).

We will also dedicated an entire game area to your community and in this area we will erect a sculpture of your choice. You will send us a reference image (within reason) of your logo or a symbol of your choosing. This area will feature a plaque with your dedication on it - it will include 50 members names as well as a phrase of your choosing.

We will integrate this sculpture into the game scenery and build a legend around it.‚Äč​

Hopefully we hit the mark, in which case keys will go to the top 25 donors. And a giant statue of a troll will somehow be incorporated into the game, no doubt pissing off people worldwide. And leaving our mark on adventure gaming.

If we fail to hit the goal, we'll try and get keys or something at least.

We've confirmed that regardless of the goal we reach, everyone who donates $19 or more will get a game key.

Campaign Started: 1-Feb-2017
Campaign End: 18-Feb-2017

Campaign Target: $2,199.00
Raised: $2,330.91

By donating to this campaign, you will receive 2 potato for every $1 USD you contribute.
You can spend potato to buy goodies on the Codex such as ad-free time.

This campaign has finished!

Donor List

NOTE: Only "completed" payments are listed below. If you are logged in, extra details will be available (shown only to you when you hover over them) for any payments you've made. A + denotes a payment made by someone other than the recipient listed, a * indicates an anonymous donation. Some payments (such as e-cheques) may take a few days before they appear. Donors are sorted by total amount donated (highest first), then by date (oldest first).

# Name Date $$$
1 Anonymous 4-Feb-2017
2 quasimodo 10-Feb-2017
3 evdk 1-Feb-2017
4 LeStryfe79 1-Feb-2017
5 MediantSamuel 1-Feb-2017
6 Anonymous 1-Feb-2017
7 Yaar Podshipnik 1-Feb-2017
8 Nekot-The-Brave 13-Feb-2017
9 thesheeep 1-Feb-2017
10 Bumvelcrow 1-Feb-2017
^ 30.00 - Donate more than $30.00 to get your name in the Top #10
11 Sitra Achara 1-Feb-2017
12 Septaryeth 10-Feb-2017
13 TT1 3-Feb-2017
14 AN4RCHID 4-Feb-2017
15 Prime Junta 7-Feb-2017
16 Zann 8-Feb-2017
17 Haba 9-Feb-2017
18 Easily Amused 12-Feb-2017
19 aratuk 1-Feb-2017
20 Xzylvador 1-Feb-2017
^ 22.00 - Donate more than $22.00 to get your name in the Top #20
21 lightbane 11-Feb-2017
22 coldcrow 17-Feb-2017
23 Saark 1-Feb-2017
24 PlanHex 1-Feb-2017
25 Ranx_0 1-Feb-2017
26 stony3k 1-Feb-2017
27 Nicebrain 1-Feb-2017
28 Watser 6-Feb-2017
29 SausageInYourFace 7-Feb-2017
30 Riddler 9-Feb-2017
^ 20.00 - Donate more than $20.00 to get your name in the Top #30
31 Wintermute 10-Feb-2017
32 toro 11-Feb-2017
33 NorthLurker 11-Feb-2017
34 Idiott 15-Feb-2017
35 oldmanpaco 17-Feb-2017
36 AwesomeButton 17-Feb-2017
37 Hamster 17-Feb-2017
38 Ismaul 9-Feb-2017
39 Kev Inkline 9-Feb-2017
40 fabrulana 10-Feb-2017
^ 19.00 - Donate more than $19.00 to get your name in the Top #40
41 Bleed the Man 11-Feb-2017
42 Zzz 17-Feb-2017
43 Desur 17-Feb-2017
44 ghostdog 1-Feb-2017
45 Infinitron 14-Feb-2017
46 Morality Games 2-Feb-2017
47 Marquess Cornwallis 10-Feb-2017
48 Plane Escapee 1-Feb-2017
49 Marten Broadcloak 9-Feb-2017
50 agris 2-Feb-2017
^ 5.00 - Donate more than $5.00 to get your name in the Top #50
51 Dreed 2-Feb-2017
52 MaskedMan 9-Feb-2017
53 Sensuki 1-Feb-2017
54 t 1-Feb-2017
55 MicoSelva 1-Feb-2017
TOTAL: $2,423.50
FEES¹: - $92.59
NET: $2,330.91
¹Fees are as reported by PayPal.

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