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Valkyria Chronicles Headed to PC

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Valkyria Chronicles Headed to PC

Game News - posted by Crooked Bee on Tue 28 October 2014, 18:17:27

Tags: Sega; Valkyria Chronicles

It looks like Japanese developers are starting to discover the PC market for real, after all. Now that, notably, Square Enix has released a hefty amount of Final Fantasy titles on Steam, including most recently the controversial Final Fantasy XIII, and Falcom/XSEED have done the same for Trails in the Sky - not to mention the non-RPGs like Metal Gear Solid V or Way of the Samurai 4 - it looks like PC is not predominantly an eroge platform in the eyes of Japanese video game companies anymore.

The latest of such developments is the news that the formerly PS3-exclusive Japanese tactical RPG Valkyria Chronicles, originally released in 2008, will be coming to PC soon, first leaked when someone discovered its PEGI rating:


Some thought that could've been a mistake - however, SEGA themselves confirmed the port is coming on their Twitter later that day:


Valkyria Chronicles is the tactical RPG that many strategy game- and RPG-savvy Codexers claim to have enjoyed. So here's hoping it really is as good as they are saying.

UPDATE (10/30/2014): The game has been made available for preorder on Steam:

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