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Kickstarter Round-up: Deadrock Divide, Children of War, Medieval Times, Witchmarsh

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Kickstarter Round-up: Deadrock Divide, Children of War, Medieval Times, Witchmarsh

Information - posted by Crooked Bee on Thu 22 May 2014, 19:24:56

Tags: Children of War: Blood and Snow; Deadrock Divide; Indiegogo; Kickstarter; Medieval Times; Witchmarsh

It's been a while since we did a Kickstarter round-up, but there haven't really been many non-JRPGish RPGs to report about lately. This time, I'm bringing three Kickstarters and one IndieGoGo campaign to your attention - the first one is something the Codex might enjoy, the second one is something that I myself might enjoy, and the third Kickstarter is a co-op action RPG; not really my thing, but perhaps someone here might be interested? The IndieGoGo campaign is for an open world isometric fantasy action-RPG.

So, what was the last good turn-based RPG in space we had? Matrix Cubed? Planet's Edge? Oh my, weren't all of them released in, like, 1992?? That's why I'm pretty excited for the turn-based sandbox sci-fi tactical RPG Deadrock Divide. I'm just a wee bit wary of them using "random elements", but overall the concept looks great.

Fight, trade, and conquer in an 80’s inspired, sci-fi universe. A Sandbox RPG featuring turn-based tactical combat for PC/Mac/Linux.

You arrive to find the area teeming with miners, pirates, and corporations, all competing for control over valuable resources. Secure contracts and hire, equip, and command your squad of mercenaries to conquer the asteroid belt and become a legend of Deadrock Divide.
  • Fight in XCOM inspired turn-based tactical combat. Use lasers, turrets, grenades, and more to overcome your enemies. Destructible battlefields open the doors for huge variety in how you choose to fight it out.
  • Explore an asteroid field full of miners, pirates, heroes and villains.
  • Buy one of many ships, upgrade your ship with special rooms that change how the ship functions in both flight and tactical combat.
  • Upgrade your characters with new weapons, armor, belt buckles and more. Unlock the secrets of fantastic weapons, craft your own boots, or take the relic of a famous star fighter.
  • Choose one of three factions and help them conquer the region in their quest to control the flow of Deadrock.
  • Trade with the stations and denizens of the Divide. A complex economy is at work moving goods from mine to station. Build mines and make money by getting your hands dirty.
  • Build your characters how you want using a trait system. Characters unlock trait points you can spend how you want. Have heavy weapons soldier who can heal, a telekenetic pilot, a character with some abilities in many trees, and more.
  • Deadrock Divide is our take on tactical games by combining elements of sandbox RPG. It provides replayability with random elements that make each playthrough fresh, including beating the game with each of the three factions.
Next there's Witchmarsh, a (maybe too) pixel-arty sidescroller action RPG set in the 1920s Massachusetts. It kind of reminds me of that one sidescroller RPG I reviewed some time ago, Fortune Summoners, except not as moe. Aside from the pixel art style that will hopefully some day die in a fire, it also features dialogue trees, factions, and stats and skills influencing your combat abilities. Sounds pretty cool.

It's the Roaring Twenties! Join an unlikely team of detectives as they charge headlong into the darkest corners of rural America. Their mission: find and return the missing 'Witchmarsh Twelve' who vanished under mysterious circumstances.


Each investigator has their own perks, traits, abilities and personality. There are a total of five ability schools and five attributes in Witchmarsh. How you combine these will determine your characters' playstyle, as well as the secrets and clues they will uncover.

Mix the craft attribute with fire and water and you'll unlock the power of elemental sorcery. Swap spirit for craft and your spellbook will take on ritualistic themes; drawing power from ancient forces and the marsh itself.​

Then there's Children of War, a single player/co-op "fantasy RPG with real-time combat system and heavy emphasis on exploration and discovery."

  • Blood and Snow is a 3D isometric single player or cooperative Role Playing game. Although Blood and Snow is set in an open world there is a strong central story-line presented through quests. We focus on giving players lots of choices but unlike other games, we think it's important to make you choose between bad and worse instead of bad and good. The grey areas of life and the complexity of the human psyche are our focus and we want to drag you into the depths of moral conflict.
  • You will play as a Demigod who was charged in the past with guiding humanity in a world where humanity as a whole fears you.
  • There are no classes in Blood and Snow. Instead you will have access to a flattened ability tree which allows you to customize your play style and level individual abilities and spells as you see fit.
  • Your Demigod is completely customizable down to very minute detail as is your armor, weaponry and mount.
  • There will be a branching dialogue system in story quests which will allow you to shape the world as you play.
But that's not all! There's also a campaign for Medieval Times on IndieGoGo. Not as respectable as Kickstarter, I guess, but at least it's fixed funding! It also has day and night cycles, in contrast to a certain higher-profile RPG that ditched those some time ago.

An action adventure game developed in northern Sweden. Venture down dark forests paths and damp caves. Use your wits or fight your way to fame and fortune.

  • Puzzle and exploration
  • Real-time combat and movement.
  • Use, drop, push or pick up objects.
  • Unique inventory for each NPC. No random "loot system".
  • Interactive character dialogues with hand-drawn NPC portraits.
  • Simulation of time, day and night.
  • Dynamic shadow and lighting.
Medieval Times has been in development for several years by a one man team. The game’s core code is mostly completed. It is possible to run around, fight NPC, engage in dialogue etc. However some minor systems are still in need of implementation such as cut scene functionality.

The game is going to be episode based. The more money that is raised beyond the initial goal the more content there will be.​

So yeah, Deadrock Divide is this way, Witchmarsh is this way, Children of War is here, and Medieval Times is that way (uh-oh, not looking good). Be sure to share your insightful opinions in this thread.

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