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Quest for Infamy and Lords of Xulima To Be Available on Steam

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Quest for Infamy and Lords of Xulima To Be Available on Steam

Information - posted by Crooked Bee on Wed 13 November 2013, 22:33:16

Tags: Kickstarter; Lords of Xulima; Quest for Infamy

Two games that we've been keeping an eye on, Quest for Glory-like Quest for Infamy and turn-based RPG Lords of Xulima, have made it on Steam.

Hello friends! I have some great news for you!

Quest for Infamy has been accepted and will be available on Steam, day and date of the game's launch!

That's right! ON STEAM!

What does this mean?

Well, for all of you backers - it means you can also get your copy of Quest For Infamy from Steam! All backers who request them will receive Steam Keys for Quest For Infamy when it is released and becomes available for download.

We're very excited about this development, as Steam is the largest gaming platform out there, which means many more people will be able to see and play our game!

Quest For Infamy Release Date

Well, the big question - I get asked this a lot, of course. We want to get the game out as soon as possible, but we don't want to put out anything that doesn't meet our satisfaction and our own expectations for the game. We'll announce a solid release date when it becomes closer, but I can say at this point, it will be in Early 2014.​

Quest for Infamy has been able to cut some kind of direct deal for getting on Steam; meanwhile, Lords of Xulima has been greenlit:

We are officially GREENLIT in Steam!

All copies of the game sent to our backers will now come with a Steam key!
Thank you so much for the support, we cannot find the words to express how grateful we are for everybody who voted and helped. You who have e-mailed us with encouragements, all the wonderful projects on Kickstarter who share our vision of great RPGs and of course members of the team and friends! It is a small victory, but it means a lot to us.​

The Kickstarter campaign also offers a new reward now -- a limited number of digital bestiaries at $30.

Lords of Xulima is at the moment just about $3,000 short of its next stretch goal, the Divine Summoner character class, with 15 days still to go before the campaign ends.

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