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Lords of Xulima Kickstarter Funded, 18 Days to Go

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Lords of Xulima Kickstarter Funded, 18 Days to Go

Information - posted by Crooked Bee on Sun 10 November 2013, 18:07:46

Tags: Kickstarter; Lords of Xulima

Kickstarter campaign for oldschool turn-based RPG Lords of Xulima is off to a good start, as almost $14,000 in funding has already been achieved with 18 days still left to go. The next two stretch goals sound pretty good, with a new character class, Divine Summoner, at $20,000, and a whole new world region, Enchanted Isles of Varas Talak, at $30,000. I hope the campaign gets enough pledges to make that happen.

An advanced class for an original play style: The Divine Summoner is a special class we want to include in the fold because we feel it will add even more depth and fun to your adventure, if you can master it. As a Divine Realm class, he summons and commands the heralds of the Gods. There are 8 different Heralds, which are each developed and improved separately as your summoning skills grow in power.

The Divine Summoner can summon up to two Heralds at the same time in combat. These Heralds take the two empty positions in the character position grid, creating interesting tactical scenarios and giving you command of a larger party during battles.

The Enchanted Isles of Varas Talak

The Varas Talak Archipelago with 7 mystical islands connected by a nightmarish sea, which you must brave onboard a ship. Who knows what lurks below the ocean? This new region is protected by an ancient, hidden power. Discovering it’s secrets will be vital to the success of your adventure.​

There has also been a new limited reward tier added -- you get a signed copy of the game for pledging $120 or more:

Through your feedback, we decided to add Signed Physical Copies. That's right! The Lord's of Xulima director, and RPG Guru, Jesús Arribas will be signing and personally inscribing the awesome "Bestiary & Mythology" book. He will even write a unique dedication, just for you!​

Finally, today's update elaborates a bit on the inspirations behind Lords of Xulima:

I found myself enthusiastic about the idea of creating an RPG similar to the classics, which in my opinion, consist of three main elements:
  • An epic story, which is original, sometimes strange, but not afraid of being too fantastic. It is something that seems to have been lost recently with the exception of some Japanese productions. Not everything in life must be serious or realistic, and not all plots must political conspiracies or about the betrayal of one faction or another. I have no intention of being pigeonholed by these sorts of themes.
  • A game system that rewards intelligence, imagination, deductions and strategies; instead of skills and reflexes of the player, or maneuvering complicated combinations of buttons in a few milliseconds.
  • A challenging environment…, yes, I love challenges. I love feeling small and vulnerable in a vast, dangerous world. I want my “stupid” actions to have negative consequences, and I want accomplishments to feel like my own, like I’ve earned them. I don’t want to feel like success in a game is simply the result of a programmed script or tutorial that wants to convince me that I am a hero.
Read the post in full here.

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