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Jeff Vogel Responding To Critics

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Jeff Vogel Responding To Critics

Game News - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Thu 5 May 2011, 09:24:33

Tags: Avadon: The Black Fortress; Spiderweb Software

After the release of Jeff Vogel's latest game Avadon: The Black Fortress a few threads popped up about it on the Codex. This prompted Jeff Vogel to whine about respond to the (unwarranted) criticism in those threads. A few samples:

Because my morale is so high, I am going to do something I almost never do. I am going to go to a forum full of people who hate my games, my writing, and the mere fact that I still draw oxygen on this planet.

Yes, the entity commonly referred to as The Codex hates you, your games, your writing and the mere fact that you live. That's why we cover your games, discuss your games, and review your games. Need a tissue?

"Yep, Jeff fucked this one up a bit - although not as bad as some people put it. Give him some credit, go to TPB and help yourself."

By TPB, the poster means The Pirate Bay. In other words, he's saying to go pirate it. I honestly think that most of these complaints are not sincere. They're just pretending the game is bad to justify their pirating it (and playing the whole thing three times). Another good reason to be very careful about whose feedback you accept.

I don't like the "I am so smart I pirate ALL games, and you should too!!11! "- attitude some exhibit around here either, but I have neither the time nor the inclination to fight those windmills. Why focus on the one pollack who mentions TPB in the first place instead of acknowledging that a lot of the residents here do buy your games regularily?

Just don't ever let those people get into your head.

Read the rest of how Jeff Vogel doesn't let you get into his head here.

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