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A Decade of Deus Ex

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A Decade of Deus Ex

Editorial - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Wed 23 June 2010, 19:03:26

Tags: Deus Ex; Ion Storm

With Deus Ex having been released 10 years ago Beefjack conjured up a retrospective.

So when Deus Ex launched in June 2000, at the heart of the X-Files age and with the world still gripped by Matrix Fever, that it was such an extraordinary piece of game design was a genuine surprise to most. Riffing on ideas of non-linearity developed in Thief, and building upon the RPG elements of Looking Glass and Irrational’s System Shock 2, Deus Ex presented a near-future world in disarray, a branching story in which key events altered depending on your actions, multiple ways of tackling each problem and traversing each area, and a hyper-cool super-agent with whom to take on the world.

ModDB are celebrating Deus Ex' birthday too.

Ok you get it now, Deus Ex is now 10 years old and its still one of the best PC games ever made. I bet right now someone out there who is reading this is re-installing it. That is what normally happens when you think of good old Deus Ex, the memories come back, wearing sunglass at night time, sneaking around, stealing stuff. Oh boy.


turd at: GB

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