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Obsidian can't get Alpha Protocol out the door

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Obsidian can't get Alpha Protocol out the door

Game News - posted by DarkUnderlord on Sun 27 September 2009, 07:07:40

Tags: Alpha Protocol

So sayeth Kotaku:
Recently updated ship dates from GameStop and list Alpha Protocol for June 1 and June 30, 2010, respectively. Most online retailers still show the game due the last week of October of this year, but if two independent retailers are showing a delay, don't be surprised if others follow suit.

If those retail listings are accurate, it wouldn't be the first time Alpha Protocol has been pushed back. The game was penciled in for a release as early as February 2009. Perhaps Sega took some of Sony Computer Entertainment America's rumored comments about the game to heart?

It'll be finished when it's finished or it'll be released when it's no longer cost effective to keep delaying it or is it all LIES SPREAD BY COMMUNISTS?

If you want a debate, try Mass Effect 2 vs Alpha Protocol at cinemablend:
BG – William: I’m not going to call it bias but I will say that based on what the original Mass Effect established the sequel is something that any RPG fan should be looking forward to. One reason is its massive scope on an epic story that’s actually worth replaying
l.m.h While the spy-based Role-Playing Game that is Alpha Protocol is suggested to offer a multitude of outcomes depending on player’s decisions, we are of course yet to see any of them. Little is yet known about exactly how players’ choices will affect not only the structure of the game, but the lead character himself.

Wankery BS ensues.

!gamebanshee & RPGWatch

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