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Avellone speaks @ xbawx360 on Alpha Protocol

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Avellone speaks @ xbawx360 on Alpha Protocol

Game News - posted by DarkUnderlord on Fri 11 September 2009, 15:09:23

Tags: Alpha Protocol

Link for reading:
The story went through two drafts (not unusual – Knights of the Old Republic II, our previous title, went through at least 1), and a year and a half ago we finalized the story
Ultimately, tying the story to game mechanics wasn’t a big change (we try to make sure dialogue in our games is also a game mechanic, not just exposition) – but the biggest change was the way you communicate with characters in the game. Designed by Brian Mitsoda and implemented by Dan Spitzley, Alpha Protocol has a timed dialogue system with one route through the conversation (no loops as in previous title), and the goal was to create a more natural conversation, yet give those conversations the sense of urgency you’d often feel when watching TV shows like 24 or the snappy back-and-forth you’d get in a Bond flick.
Alpha Protocol is actually a much smaller RPG in terms of line count than our previous titles, but the reactivity amongst the major characters ends up being stronger.
With any luck, Alpha Protocol will help getting videogame storytelling outside the industry the recognition it deserves.

Lots of talk about how much like an action film it is.

Spotted @ RPGWatch

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