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Scorpia on Geneforge 5

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Scorpia on Geneforge 5

Review - posted by baby arm on Tue 24 March 2009, 06:53:57

Tags: Geneforge 5; Spiderweb Software

Scorpia dragged Geneforge 5 into the Lair for one of her excruciatingly detailed reviews.
As always with the Geneforge games, the big draw is the lack of moral judgment imposed by developers. You decide for yourself which is the best faction to join. There is no absolute right and wrong, except in your own perspective.

Next to turn-based combat, this has been the feature that most impressed me with the series. It’s a great pleasure to get away from the simple-minded “Kill Foozle” scenario, along with the puerile good/evil dichotomy found in most RPGs.

So, is it worth getting? Yes, if you enjoy “old school” RPGs, or want to finish up the series, or experience a better story than “Foozle”, and can put up with the design flaws. No, if you’ve played other Spiderweb games, and are tired of the format, which is unchanged. Like Geneforge 5, I leave the decision in your hands.

Spotted at: Rampant Coyote

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