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Jeff Vogel Needs Brains

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Jeff Vogel Needs Brains

Development Info - posted by baby arm on Wed 7 January 2009, 17:51:16

Tags: Geneforge 5; Spiderweb Software

It's that time of the year again: Spiderweb Software beta testing. If you have a hankering for Geneforge 5, have a few hours free a week, and don't mind not getting paid, sign up today.
Why should I beta test for Spiderweb?

1. Fun. You will get to be among the first people to play our newest game. Of course, the game will also be full of bugs and crashes so it's sort of a warped bit of fun.
2. Free game. Loyal testers will get a copy of the final full version of the game.
3. Experience, experience, experience. We can not pay our loyal beta testers but you can use us as a reference in the real world to get a real job. This actually worked for one of our testers, who listed us as a reference and got hired after Jeff talked to his prospective employer.
4. Recognition.You will be given credit in the game as a tester. Impress your friends and your significant other or not, depending on how you treated them while you were off being the "Beta-Tester".

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