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Alpha Protocol designed to be 'more accessible'

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Alpha Protocol designed to be 'more accessible'

Interview - posted by DarkUnderlord on Sat 19 July 2008, 02:45:42

Tags: Alpha Protocol

SegaNerds have uploaded the transcript of a round table they had with a bunch of guys from Obsidian:
RPG’s are predominantly, if not exclusively, set in traditional science fiction or fantasy universes. What convinced you an RPG presented as a contemporary spy thriller was the way to go with this original material?

Chris: When we started making Alpha Protocol we were pretty much in the throws. We had just finished up KOTOR 2 and Neverwinter Nights 2 and both of those are pretty traditional, very rules based RPG’s and we wanted to do something that was more action-based. A little bit more accessible. And so we just looked around and we really liked the espionage genre because nobody had really played in it. We thought it would be really cool to go from a green agent to a powerful, modern-day superhero. And so Alpha Protocol was born out of that.

Since Alpha Protocol is set in a game universe more common to FPS titles, was there any consideration for developing Alpha Protocol as a first person RPG, similar to Elder of Scrolls IV: Oblivion, as nod to the plot theme?

Chris: We actually looked at making an FPS for a long time. There’s certainly a lot of influence from other FPS games and obviously Oblivion. But we really felt that it was important to see your character because we have a lot of action elements in the game like: jumping, using cover, zip lining, talking to people. And we felt seeing Mike doing those things all the time was really important to feel what he was doing and understanding that interaction in the world. And so ultimately we went with a third person, over-the-shoulder camera.

"It's modern, why is it not an FPS?" Yeah. It's a hefty 12 page PDF doc which I'd get into trouble for if I posted all of it here, so go and at least skim the questions for yourself and find out about the "very much twitch-based" combat.

Thanks themadhatter114!

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