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Scorpia reviews Geneforge 4

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Scorpia reviews Geneforge 4

Review - posted by Vault Dweller on Wed 10 October 2007, 16:33:16

Tags: Geneforge 4; Spiderweb Software

Scorpia has posted a very informative review of Geneforge 4:

So how you go through the game is at your discretion. You get the rebel perspective, the Shaper point of the view, the refugees’ opinions, and the Trakovite’s convictions. From that, you decide who is right.

In some ways, that’s a bit of fluff. How you act in the game really affects only you and your relations with each side; nothing actually changes because you decided to do this for the rebels or that for the Shapers.

The crucial moment comes at the very end, in Northforge Citadel, when the power to choose the course of the war is literally in your hands. What you do here brings about one of six endings.

There are two each for rebels, Shapers, and Trakovites. The rebel and Shaper conclusions are modified by certain actions you take (or don’t take) during the game. The Trakovite finales are modified only by your actions at the very end.

All I will say about these endings is don’t expect cheering crowds. This isn’t a “Kill Foozle and save the world” jaunt. It’s about war, and war is a grim business.

Overall, Geneforge 4 is of the old-school tradition with some nice touches. I especially appreciated the absence of “alignment”, of “these are the good guys, those are the bad guys”, allowing you to choose for yourself in this regard. And I loved having turn-based combat again. It was also nice to see dialogue (no voice-overs) that wasn’t silly.
GF is definitely worth playing. One of the best Jeff's games.

Spotted at: RPG Watch

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