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Geneforge 4 preview at Inside Mac Games

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Geneforge 4 preview at Inside Mac Games

Preview - posted by Vault Dweller on Wed 1 November 2006, 17:07:00

Tags: Geneforge 4; Spiderweb Software

IMG has posted a preview of upcoming Geneforge 4:

First off, Geneforge 4 completely departs from past games in the series by offering five classes to pick from (as opposed to the original three): Warrior (same as a Guardian), Infiltrator (Agent), Lifecrafter (Shaper), Shock Trooper, and Servile. That's right; at last you can truly represent those poor oppressed Serviles, funny nose and all.

Secondly, very soon after starting a new game I realized that Geneforge 4's world is much more active and interesting than past Spiderweb games thanks to a large number of graphical enhancements. Two of the most obvious ones were weather effects and small environmental animations.

That's right; for the first time in the history of Spiderweb games, we've got weather. Rain falls at times in outdoor areas. Water drips from the ceilings of caves. As for environmental effects, fires smoke, magical lights let off little magic bubbles (although I still haven't figured out why), the canisters that remake your genes spark, and more. The combination of these two seemingly minor areas of graphical improvement actually make the game become much more alive than any Spiderweb game I've played before.

And it doesn't stop there. There are new character models, new creations to battle, a slew of entirely new (and really well done) spell effects, fading dialogue boxes, and other graphical improvements scattered throughout the game. Even the time-honored fiora model has undergone a transformation into a much more dangerous-looking reptile. The graphical changes aren't too radical, but they are very noticeable and do a surprising amount of work towards making Geneforge 4 even more immersive.
The new screens do look pretty good. Let's hope that the game will offer more than just the improved visuals.

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