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Geneforge 3 praised at Macteens

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Geneforge 3 praised at Macteens

Review - posted by Vault Dweller on Sun 31 July 2005, 14:48:53

Tags: Geneforge 3; Spiderweb Software

Macteen has posted a review of Geneforge 3, giving it 4.5/5 for "engrossing storylines and fun gameplay".

Another nice touch is that there are usually multiple approaches to any given situation. Instead of simply fighting your way through an obstacle, sometimes you can sneak by or talk your way through if you’ve spent enough points in the corresponding skills. Even if you can find alternate solutions to some problems, though, there are still many times where you’ll have to crack some skulls if you want to proceed. Thankfully, Geneforge 3’s combat system manages to remain fun without becoming too complicated. It works similarly to most turn-based RPGs: each character you control starts off their turn with 8 action points, which are used to move, attack, cast spells and use items. The enemies will exhibit some pretty impressive AI, too. I’ve seen them try and single out my weaker characters, run away when weakened, attack in groups and even run for help when outnumbered.

I wish there was less fighting, more "multiple approaching", but the game isn't bad, so give it a try.

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