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Jeff Vogel on Blades of Avernum

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Jeff Vogel on Blades of Avernum

Interview - posted by Vault Dweller on Wed 7 July 2004, 20:49:50

Tags: Blades of Avernum; Spiderweb Software

RPG Vault has posted Blades of Avernum 3-page wrap report. Tons of intersting info. Here are some snipets:

The Team
We're a charming little company in a basement in lovely Seattle, Washington. It's me and two employees. I handle the bulk of the design and coding. My employees handle the business and web end, and help me with doing the design.

Well, we're a little company, with a low budget. In addition, we're download only, so our game has to be small enough to be downloaded reasonably by a 56k modem. These two constraints provide a lot of limits in terms of what we can do with graphics and sound. I would really like to make games with elaborate and lovely graphics and sound,

Best Decisions
The first good decision was moving to a full scripting language. Every good thing about the project came from this. You simply can't beat scripting for getting good, interesting character and special encounter behavior.

Personal Thoughts
It's simple and dated, but it's fun. The game system, after years of polishing, just works. It plays fast and easy, and it's really addictive. And because the design system is so versatile, people will be able to do new, funky stuff with it for years.

That's a really good way to describe Spiderweb games: simple and dated, but fun.

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