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Geneforge Reviewed by RPGCodex

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Geneforge Reviewed by RPGCodex

Review - posted by Exitium on Sat 19 October 2002, 13:55:03

Tags: Geneforge; Spiderweb Software

Our very own Saint Proverbius has written us a detailed review on the pros and cons of playing Spiderweb Software's Geneforge. Check out his review to see if it lives up to the standard of a good RPG like Fallout.

Each of these factions has their own territory in the game. Because of their political natures, each faction also tries to undermine the other factions and also spy on each other. You'll often find these spies are more willing to talk to you and give themselves up in the hope that you'll ally with their people. Yes, even the Takers will allow a Shaper to ally with them.

There are several Serviles who don't follow any of the factions. Instead, they chose to live away from these factions, on their own terms. You'll find them living quietly in the less civilized locations of the game. Most of them will provide insight on all the factions, in an unbiased manner. Because of their neutral stances, they're often consulted by all the factions, and can influence them for you.

Read it here, and be sure to leave some comments.

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