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RPGDot is not impressed by Deus Ex: IW

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RPGDot is not impressed by Deus Ex: IW

Review - posted by Spazmo on Fri 2 January 2004, 17:31:54

Tags: Deus Ex; Ion Storm

RPGDot have put up a review of Ion Storm's latest RPG-ish FPS Deus Ex: Invisible War. Well, we normally don't care about DX games, but we love RPGDot, so what the heck. Dhruin wasn't impressed at all and DX:IW scores 69%.

DX:IW is largely based around “hub” levels. Major levels such as Upper and Lower Seattle are central locations from which the player has reasonable freedom to travel to connected areas as they wish to explore or pursue quests. These areas are mostly dark and gritty urban sci-fi environments that succeed in creating a suitable atmosphere. Unfortunately they’re generally smaller than in Deus Ex and have a closed-in, claustrophobic feel. Seattle doesn’t so much feel like a city as a single shopping mall and one slum block. Even more annoying is the constant loading: walking across Seattle for a quest may entail four or five loads as you enter the different areas.

The hub design together with the different factions does provide some degree of non-linearity (and certainly more than Deus Ex) but there’s not a lot of depth to it. Not too far into the game I was ordered by one faction to hire a helicopter and fly to a weapons plant to investigate a matter. A few minutes later the main rival faction contacted me with a similar request (albeit with different motivations). There’s a veneer of freedom but ultimately it funnels the player to the same spot.

I think there's something missing from Deus Ex's tagline: "Real choices. Real consequences. But we make the choices for you."

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