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Realistic tactical RPG Spy DNA now on Steam Greenlight, free public alpha demo available

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Realistic tactical RPG Spy DNA now on Steam Greenlight, free public alpha demo available

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Sat 4 March 2017, 16:31:14

Tags: Shy Snake; Spy DNA

Last year we learned about Spy DNA, a futuristic turn-based tactical RPG from indie studio Shy Snake featuring an ultra-realistic combat model with genetically enhanced "super-spies". The game's Kickstarter campaign in June didn't even come close to succeeding, but as I'd hoped, the developers didn't give up and continued to work on it. Last week they released a free public alpha demo, and today they've put up a Steam Greenlight page with an eye towards an Early Access release in Q2 2017. Here's the game's Greenlight trailer and an excerpt from its description:

Spy DNA is a tactical squad RPG that combines turn-based game mechanics with realistic combat simulation.

The game plays about 70 years in the future, and the player controls a squad of genetically-enhanced super-spies with unique talents.

When the genetic enhancement research is stolen from the lab, it is the player's task to recover it and prevent a rogue nation from creating an army of super-soldiers. In the course of the game, you will face a variety of opponents, such as endangered animal traffickers, unethical researchers, and rogue military organizations.

What's next?

Shy Snake, the two-person team developing Spy DNA, are already working on the Early Access version, slated to release in Q2 2017. The team's immediate focus is on getting the game through Steam Greenlight to be ready to distribute the Early Access release.

The full release of Spy DNA is slated for Fall 2017 and will be localized into Russian and German.

Want to try it today? Download Alpha Demo of Spy DNA on IndieDB:
You may heard that Valve are planning to shut down Steam Greenlight soon and replace it with a per-game submission fee. Now is the last chance for Spy DNA and other worthy titles to make it in before that happens, so I encourage you to take a look. Make sure to vote for The Dark Mod and Grid Cartographer too!

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