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Comprehensive Deus Ex Rebalance Mod GMDX v8.0 Released

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Comprehensive Deus Ex Rebalance Mod GMDX v8.0 Released

Mod News - posted by Infinitron on Sun 20 December 2015, 17:59:50

Tags: Deus Ex; GMDX

GMDX (short for "Give Me Deus Ex") is a mod for Deus Ex developed by somewhat excitable immersive simulation purist CyberP. Unlike the well-known Deus Ex mods of the past that either introduced interesting but somewhat arbitrary mechanics changes, or were more about graphics and level overhauls, GMDX is a comprehensive attempt to create Deus Ex as it should have been, with a focus on balance and realism. Oh, and it also adds perks, because who doesn't love perks.

Today CyberP released the mod's eighth iteration, following a month-long marketing campaign of sorts during which he published a series of videos detailing its many improvements. Here's the mod's description from its official website, along with the first video in the series, which demonstrates its impressive AI tweaks:

GMDX is an award-winning, content-packed modification for the critically acclaimed PC game Deus Ex. GMDX extensively modifies the singleplayer campaign whilst remaining true to the original design vision. A one-of-a-kind megamod, GMDX is best described as the reinforcement & continuation of Deus Ex's design.
  • Life-like & polished AI, in addition to new enemy types.
  • Higher quality weaponry through pedantic attention to detail.
  • Engaging stealth gameplay and intense tactical combat.
  • Deeper and balanced RPG systems.
  • Further simulated systems.
  • New empowering augmentations.
  • Representative difficulty levels that affect both stealth and combat-based challenges, and a hardcore difficulty mode for those who seek a true test.
  • Fixes many bugs.
  • Refined & polished level design.
  • Enhances various visual effects (explosions, gore, projectiles etc).
  • Significantly improved audio design.
  • Many miscellaneous new features.
See the website for a detailed breakdown of GMDX v8's features. It's available for download now over at ModDB.

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